In Chinese Zodiac System there exists a framework of animal system that contains twelve distinctive Animal signs that are used as Zodiac Signs.

As indicated by that, the Year 2016 happens to be the Year of the Monkey or Year of the Fire Monkey or Year of the Red Fire Monkey.

During this year as figured by Chinese lunar logbook, New Year would start from Monday, February 08, 2016. Among the twelve Chinese Animal Zodiac Signs, Monkey has been positioned as Number Nine.

    • Characteristics of people born in the Year of the Monkey:


The ninth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, the Monkey, is portrayed by a smart and inventive personality. The Monkey is constantly keen on learning and also on new encounters.

This interest can be found in the Monkey’s whims, and, incautious activities. Regularly disdaining schedule, the Monkey is not above getting involved in mysterious activities. Monkeys are actually very beguiling and witty, which adds to their inborn personality. As the Monkey is a standout amongst the most self-intrigued signs, they may experience issues understanding others and indicating sympathy. In spite of the fact that it might be difficult to understand, individuals from the Monkey sign can be touchy on occasion, particularly when reprimanded.

Socially, the Monkey is garrulous and outgoing. Now and again, the Monkey can undoubtedly be the most chatty individual from any gathering. It is not uncommon for individuals from the Monkey sign to have a considerable rundown of companions and admirers. The Monkey is dependably up for an enterprise, however they are infrequently tackled alone. In this sense, the Monkey may have a few friendly networks that fluctuate based upon the circumstance or trip.

2016 - Year of The Monkey

2016 – Year of The Monkey

The fiendish Monkey wants to locate a durable relationship that is loaded with fervor and enterprise. At the point when their needs are met, the Monkey will be steadfast and diligent in their dedication to their friends and family. The home and family life of the Monkey needs to have a sure level of energy also. The Monkey will once in a while plant its roots in provincial settings, leaning toward the quick paced city life. The Monkey’s home setting is of less worry than with different signs, as they give the most esteem to the agreeable organization of family and companions.

The fast personality of the Monkey can mean achievement a mixed bag of profession ways. At the point when combined with an enthusiasm for material riches, the Monkey’s mind could be an awesome fit for the focused fields of interchanges, business, deals, or law. In the same sense, the functional comprehension of the Monkey could prompt a vocation in life partner, keeping money, showing or science. The Monkey is a characteristic entertainer and in this manner, could likewise do well in acting, composition, or publicizing. In whichever vocation the Monkey seeks after, their capacity to learn on their feet will have substantial influence in their prosperity.

The Monkey’s settled component is the Metal Element. Unyielding and solid, the Metal Element adds to the Monkey’s imperativeness and determination. Moreover, it is Metal’s impact that permits the Monkey to dependably push towards exercises and objectives with inspiration. The Metal’s organs component are the lungs and respiratory framework. It is vital for those conceived under the Monkey sign to fortify these imperative organs with activity and a sound way of life. Physical action likewise facilitate some of their apprehensive and on edge qualities.

The Monkey’s characteristic matches are the Rat and the Dragon. With fascination, comprehension and a common requirement for energy, the Monkey and the Rat make an intriguing and audacious couple. In the same sense, the Monkey and the Dragon’s appreciation and love for each other can interpret into durable bliss. The Monkey’s most noticeably bad common pair is the Tiger, as the two are both exceptionally focused and willful. It can be extremely troublesome for the Monkey and the Tiger to see eye to eye.

  • Year of the Monkey from Horoscope and Numerology Perspective:


Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Shen
The Five Elements: Metal (Jin)
Yin Yang: Yang
Lunar Month: Seventh
Lucky Numbers: 1, 7, 8
Unlucky Numbers: 2, 5, 9
Lucky Flowers: chrysanthemum
Lucky Colors: blue, white, golden, blue
Unlucky Colors: grey, red, dark chocolate, black
  • Horoscope of the people born in the Year of the Monkey in the upcoming year:


o    Career – The year 2016 would eventually prove to be an effective one professionally. This does not however imply that there would be no opposition. In fact you would be postured with steep rivalry, however you might have the capacity to rise a victor. You might have the capacity to grow your extent of work and acquire experience furthermore sack advancements. Those is business would prosper as well.

o    Finances – Financially, this would end up being a beneficial year too. It is recommended that you should get empowered so as to increase your income. Legitimate interests in business would bring extraordinary benefits. On the other hand, for that you might need to be master the art of assessing the market’s patterns. Theoretical speculations won’t yield any profits, and it is prescribed that you avoid ventures that include high hazard components.

o    Relationships – You possess a happy and carefree disposition. In the event that you need to get together with the one you have set your heart out for, then you might need to get rid of any kind of hesitation or hindrance. Loved ones can help you with the matchmaking to a sure degree, yet at last it is dependent upon you to bait and win the adoration of the one you hold dear to your heart. The year is thought to be favorable to get married for the individuals who are single. Hitched couples would have a concordant year.

o    Health – For you to stay healthy in the year 2016 you might need to be more cognizant about your wellbeing and lead a more adjusted and sound way of life. As a matter of first importance, the first thing on your plan ought to be to control your eating regimen for you may be inclined to ailments identified with food processing in your system. Old diseases may surface again to trouble you on and off, round the year.

  • Some famous people born in the Year of the Monkey:

Julius Caesar, Elizabeth Taylor, Leonardo da Vinci, Harry S. Truman.