2016 will be an extremely rewarding one for those who are Aquarius when it comes to their profession and career, but that doesn’t meant that you will get thing handed to you and you will need to put in plenty of effort.

However, this effort won’t be in vain and the star positions will make sure that you get more compensation in your returns for the effort that you put in.

If you are in business, then you will see it grow throughout the year and you will see profits from your family businesses or other joint businesses too. This year will be the perfect one to start up a business as a partner and you can seek new places of work as it is an auspicious time to switch. Also, if you are looking for better opportunities, then this is the best time to find it.

Students that have just passed out of college will also find their jobs easily and those who are appearing for any competitive tests will get the rank they deserve depending on how much effort they have put in. You will also have the chance to travel for job that will open up new paths that you can take.

Planetary Positions:

The tenth house will be ruled by Planet Saturn and that will make you take your career more seriously and you will be encouraged to work harder and keep focusing on the end goal and to make sure that you receive all that you have worked hard to get. You will also have more introspect in regards to your career objectives and future goals and this will allow you to have a clear vision to make sure you are on the correct path. However, don’t try any new methods, but stick to those that have proven to be useful.

Rahu will reside in the eleventh house, which is over profits and this means that you will need to deal with your supervisors in a diplomatic and prudent manner in order to get the praise and everything else that you deserve.

Favored Professions:

Media and Publications Industry, Creative Writing, Designing and Graphics Industry, Fashion Industry.

2016 will be a very chaotic year in the career department for those who are Aquarius born, but you will have a good spurt of energy that will help you deal with all of the work pressure. The only way to achieve success during 2016 is through hard work and it is important that you put in only the top efforts. However, make sure that you aren’t taking on too much work since you will be in a mood to compete and would like to outshine your coworkers. This will put immense pressure on you and would affect your performance and your health, which would then see all of your hard work turn to dust.

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