Aquarius Health horoscope 2016 speaks of a year when the health and vitality of the Aquarius born natives would depend largely on how they feel in their mind and soul.

This is a warning for them to take it a little easy in the other sectors of life. It is recommended that you should not allow the burnt out feeling to creep in. It is also very important that you try and maintain calmness and composure no matter what happens.

The ailments that may bother you in case you fail to do this are aches and pains mostly – neck, shoulder or back pains are very common. Try to avoid bad posture while you work, sit or sleep so as not to aggravate these aches and pains.

Weight gain should also be avoided at any cost for obesity would not only add to the pain problems, but also bring along with it certain lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cardiac problems etc. Disturbed sleep patterns may also be experienced by some of you. Yoga would help in providing relief from pains as well as come in aid to relax your body and mind.

Planetary Positions:

For Aquarius born natives, the Planet Saturn plays the role as the Lord of Ascendant, and this is the planet that provides you a protection in the health segment in the year 2016. Along with Saturn, the Moon also plays a very important role in this aspect. Now Moon is known to control the emotions of a person. Consequently it can be deducted that from the astrological point of view the mental condition of the Aquarius born natives would play a pivotal role in the physical well being.

We have long known that the healthy body and a happy mind are inseparable. During this year if you want to maintain a good condition of health, all you have to do is to keep your soul satisfied. It is your responsibility to ward off any negative thoughts and ideas from entering your mind; and fill it up with positive ones instead. You should also bear in mind that no year can pass away without a single hiccup in the health sector. Minor ailments and recurrence of chronic diseases may happen; but you should not get flustered by it. Getting unnecessarily anxious about trivial issues would only add to the mental unease.

Diet Suggestions:

This is the year when you should concentrate to relax your body and mind. This can be done only when you can stay away from food items that can stimulate your nerves. In this list food items like caffeine, liquor, aerated beverages and tobacco come first. Herbal tea should help to soothe your soul. To keep your weight under control you should include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Including flax seeds in the diet also helps in this aspect.

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