• January – This is the time when you should organize your priorities and form a plan of action accordingly. Remember it is easier to achieve more when there is order and method in your approach.



    • February – This month is for accomplishing all your professional goals. The stars are on your side, and you should make the most of this period. A promotion is on the cards which would also bring you monetary gains.


    • March – This month love will be in the air, and your heart would flutter at the slightest pretext. However, include your head too in the decision making process if you choose your life partner during this time.


    • April – This month all your attention should be focused on your profession. You have worked hard, and now it is for the authorities to audit your performance. Make sure you get credit for what you put in.


    • May – You have been working hard, and now all those long hours would take a toll upon your health. It is suggested that you do not take any uneasy feeling lightly – early intervention would give you early relief too.


    • June – This month you shall have to find a balance between your professional requirements and your urge to explore the party scenario. You are in a romantic mood, and you may find your soul mate at this time.



    • July – You are in a mood to have some fun. You fill up your social calendar. You are ready to kick back and relax. This is a good time to plan a vacation with your loved ones.


    • August – This month it is auspicious to consider joint ventures. It would be a good time to start a venture of your own, if you have been contemplating one. This is also a month when personal partnerships would happen for many of you in the form of wedding or engagement.


    • September – This month you shall have to travel far and wide, mostly for professional requirement though. This means you shall have family responsibilities getting piled up as pending.


    • October – This is the month when you need to rest and rejuvenate. You may feel a little under the weather, and should seek medical help even if you think the issue is minor.


    • November – This month the focus would be on your career. There would be changes in your work front. Don’t feel anxious – these changes would benefit you. You may get something coveted as an honor – a hike, a promotion or an incentive.


    • December – This is that time of the year when you would make a mental note of what you have already achieved, and what else you plan to achieve in the coming months. This is also the time to compose and organize your thoughts, and to feel thankful for all that you have been blessed with.


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