The year 2016 will not pose any major threat to the health of the Aries born natives. However, you may not feel as energetic as you would want to be – there would perhaps be some problem in your zest and zeal.


This is not something that you shall take kindly, for as an Aries born native you always like to be fired up. Consequently your mood too would get affected by this. It is not that there would be any major health challenge otherwise.

But this fluctuation in your mood would also cause an innate irritation which in turn would take a toll upon your health. Remember that your health cannot be in the right equilibrium unless your mind is placid. As such, to stay healthy you should consciously make an effort to stabilize your mind. Meditation and yoga may just help you to do that.

Apart from that those of you who suffer from chronic ailments may feel under the weather due to those on and off throughout the year. You should also take care of external allergy triggers like pollens and dust. It is suggested that you take care to boost the overall immunity system of your body. Because of that you should live a routine lifestyle that is complete with balanced diet, moderate exercise plan and adequate rest.

Planetary Positions:

From the point of view of the natal chart, the seventh house of the chart is considered to be the determining factor as to the condition of the health of the native. During the year 2016, the 7th house of the natal chart of the Aries born natives would see Planet Jupiter in it; however it would be in the retrograde mode. As such the year would generically speaking see some ups and downs in terms of health of the natives. You may suffer from dermatological problems and allergy related issues. Speaking from the astrological point of view, in the months of August to October there is a high change that your chronic ailments may surface to bother you again.

Diet Suggestions:

The main health issue that would affect the Aries born natives is the lack of energy and vitality. This is why your diet should include items that would help you fill up on your requirement of energy. It is recommended that you should include fiber rich food items and cereals in your diet. This would help you to do away with the feeling of lethargy and mood fluctuation. One other element that would help you to do that is potassium phosphate. Potassium Phosphate is abundantly available in a variety of fruits and vegetables. If you have addictions of smoking and drinking, it is recommended that you curb such habits, for these habits would aggravate the toxin build up in the body, consequently causing health hazards.

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