Get a August 2016 Calendar with holidays and you will see quite a few important events or festival falling on several days of the month.

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  1Lammas (Christian)Kadooment Day (Barbados)August Bank Holiday (United Kingdom – regional, Ireland) 2Emancipation Day (Barbados)Virgin of Los Angeles Day (Costa Rica)Republic Day (Macedonia) 3 4 5Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day (Croatia)Our Lady of Africa (Spain – regional) 6Independence Day (Bolivia)Independence Day (Jamaica)
7Nag Panchami (Hindu)Battle of Boyaca (Colombia) 8Father’s Day (Around the world)Heroes’ Day (Zimbabwe) 9National Day (Singapore)National Womens Day (South Africa)Defence Forces Day (Zimbabwe) 10Royal Queensland Show (Australia – regional)Independence Day (Ecuador) 11Mountain Day (Japan) 12Varalakshmi Vrat (Hindu)H.M. Queens Birthday/Mother’s Day (Thailand) 13Women’s Day (Tunisia)
14Tisha B’Av (Jewish)Independence Day (Pakistan) 15The Assumption of Mary (Christian)Independence Day (India)Liberation Day (South Korea) 16Restoration Day (Dominican Republic) 17Parsi New Year (India – regional)Independence Day (Indonesia)Nikini Full Moon Poya (Sri Lanka) 18Raksha-Bandhan (Hindu) 19 20Independence Restoration Day (Estonia)Saint Stephens Day (Hungary)Revolution Day (Morocco)
21Youth Day (Morocco)Ninoy Aquino Day (Philippines) 22 23 24Indpendence Day (Ukraine) 25Krishna Janmashtami (Hindu)Independence day (Uruguay) 26 27
28Nuakhai (India – regional) 29Late Summer Bank Holiday (Gibraltar)National Heroes Day (Philippines)Slovak National Uprising anniversary (Slovakia) 30Constitution Day (Kazakhstan)Santa Rosa De Lima (Peru)Victory Day (Turkey) 31National Day (Malaysia)Independence Day (Trinidad and Tobago)      


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August 2016 Holidays

Aug 01
Lammas (Christian)
Kadooment Day (Barbados)
August Bank Holiday (United Kingdom – regional, Ireland)

Aug 02
Emancipation Day (Barbados)
Virgin of Los Angeles Day (Costa Rica)
Republic Day (Macedonia)

Aug 05
Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day (Croatia)
Our Lady of Africa (Spain – regional)

Aug 06
Independence Day (Bolivia)
Independence Day (Jamaica)

Aug 07
Nag Panchami (Hindu)
Battle of Boyaca (Colombia)
Aug 08
Father's Day (Around the world)
Heroes' Day (Zimbabwe)
Aug 09
National Day (Singapore)
National Womens Day (South Africa)
Defence Forces Day (Zimbabwe)
Aug 10
Royal Queensland Show (Australia - regional)
Independence Day (Ecuador)
Aug 11
Mountain Day (Japan)
Aug 12
Varalakshmi Vrat (Hindu)
H.M. Queens Birthday/Mother's Day (Thailand)
Aug 13
Women's Day (Tunisia)
Aug 14
Tisha B'Av (Jewish)
Independence Day (Pakistan)
Aug 15
The Assumption of Mary (Christian)
Independence Day (India)
Liberation Day (South Korea)
Aug 16
Restoration Day (Dominican Republic)
Aug 17
Parsi New Year (India - regional)
Independence Day (Indonesia)
Nikini Full Moon Poya (Sri Lanka)
Aug 18
Raksha-Bandhan (Hindu)
Aug 20
Independence Restoration Day (Estonia)
Saint Stephens Day (Hungary)
Revolution Day (Morocco)
Aug 21
Youth Day (Morocco)
Ninoy Aquino Day (Philippines)
Aug 24
Indpendence Day (Ukraine)
Aug 25
Krishna Janmashtami (Hindu)
Independence day (Uruguay)
Aug 28
Nuakhai (India - regional)
Aug 29
Late Summer Bank Holiday (Gibraltar)
National Heroes Day (Philippines)
Slovak National Uprising anniversary (Slovakia)
Aug 30
Constitution Day (Kazakhstan)
Santa Rosa De Lima (Peru)
Victory Day (Turkey)
Aug 31
National Day (Malaysia)
Independence Day (Trinidad and Tobago)