The career chart for the Cancer is completely stuffed full of anticipations and events during 2016 and you will be able to increase your energy and inborn strength to allow you to grab success.

You, however, might have to deal with various problems at your workplace involving your supervisor, but handle it with extreme care and discretion to ensure that it doesn’t get out of hand.

Just because you don’t agree with the various policies that are used by your company doesn’t mean you need to directly voice your opinions, but make sure to wait for the perfect time and opportunity. One of your junior staff members might try to take the credit for some of the work you have done, but make sure to not allow that to happen and take the credit that you earned.

You will have to manage your time properly as there are plenty of upcoming business related trips that you shall be undertaking this year. There are also some unexpected events that will occur during this year and you will require plenty of encouragement from your loved comes to emerge from these times without being burned.

Make sure to carefully maintain any goodwill that you have since there will be numerous tries to water it down. However, the changes in the patterns of the planet in the second part of the year will bring more relaxation and space to breathe.

Planetary Positions:

The ruling planet in your chart will be Planet Uranus and it will be that way for a while. There will be plenty of unexpected pathways in numerous events and you will be strong and even want to be the boss and you will also be in the mood to change yourself in order to update your chosen career. However, Uranus’s influence will help teach you to have more flexibility in your life, to get away from adversities and be more susceptible to changes when required.

Planet Mercury will be another influencing planet found on your natal graph for 2016 and because of this influence you will be in a spirit to forge forward and start some initiatives without the help of others. Many will stay away from your routine day job and start a business venture on your own or with the help of others. The combined influence of Uranus along with Mercury is thought to be extremely auspicious and even rare. This will bring you plenty of fame that you never expected.

Favored Professions:

Medical Profession, Civil and Public Services, Education.
This will be an extremely busy year for the Cancer’s when it comes to their careers and you should make sure to have plenty of self discipline so that you can balance your professional and personal life and keep yourself healthy. You might have to take international trips or entertain delegations from foreign countries, which might add to the stress level of your work. However, you will want to prove yourself at your work and will come up with creative and new ideas, while someone at your office might want to stain your reputation, so be sure to be aware at all times. If you are in business, make sure to keep perfect legal documents and records and there is also an indication of job changes.

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