2016 is a year when Cancer Financial horoscope promises that you shall earn some money from sources other than your income from your profession. This would help you in the process of building up upon your resources to a great extent.


The indications on the cards also show that there would be rise in your personal income too. Cumulatively these would help to climb up in the ladder of prosperity. However, you should not wait for a windfall to happen; or in case something like that happens you should not become playful about handling the surplus funds.

Instead of personal splurges you should consider building a secured future for yourself and your loved ones. This caution is important for you because of the fact that just as there are indications of income, the cards also show patterns of expenditure, some in whim, some that are beyond control.

As such it is of vital importance that you conserve your resources well. Another word of caution that should be kept in mind is that you should not venture into any speculative investment during this year. You should also try and avoid borrowing or even lending money at this time.

Planetary Positions:

There are two very strong and positive astral influences on the financial sector of the natal chart of the Cancer born natives during this year; and the good news is that the influence prevails all through the year. The first celestial body in this respect is the Sun, while the second one is Planet Jupiter. Sun blesses Cancer with a sense of stability and positivity. This enables the person to take firm and intelligent decisions. Planet Jupiter brings luck to the Cancer born natives. Because of this whatever decision you take in the monetary sector turns out to be favorable for you. As such this year you should try to make some futuristic investment to secure your days to come. This would also be an auspicious time for you to acquire some property – whether movable (for example a vehicle) or immovable (for example a new home).

Professions that may bring you more money:

As a Cancer born native you have been blessed with the right blend of creativity and insight. You belong to a zodiac sign whole element is Water. Water signs are exponents when it comes to emotions, and gauging the depth of them. You can easily read the mind of the people. This makes you an excellent team leader. You always work towards attaining the goal of the team or organization your work for, but never going astray from the target that you have set up for yourself. Naturally your contribution to your team or your organization would hold a very important role at all times. This year Cancer born natives in authoritative positions like administrative jobs, diplomats et al would have a financially flourishing year.

Financial Horoscope 2016

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