Financial wind will be blowing well in this month and there would be quite a healthy bank balance which can be seen for the Cancer born people in the year 2017.


It is a year of professional well being and that translates to financial well being too. It is a year when as per the astral conditions, the prospect of employment and business both look good.

Planetary Positions

Jupiter the lord of career will play a major part and career and finances will be well placed this year. However, From May till the September Jupiter will remain retrograde. Be careful about your spending spree at this time as it may backfire. Resources and financial benefits will come in from all quarters and  financial growth will be commensurate with your career growth and opportunities. It is strongly advised not to invest all your money in one place, that is do not keep all your ages in one basket. Your chart shows that there could be additions in your assets, as well as buying and selling of real estate or properties. The Sun your planet of finance comes into its own this year bringing financial prosperity.

Preferable professions

Whichever profession the cancer born people are in, do reap financial harvest it is advised not to get over confident. Those employed or associated with IT, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) industries, Productions and Milk industries will do exceedingly well.

Let us however have a look at how the monthly financial horoscope of those born under the sign of Cancer in 2017 looks like.

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January – Finances are status quo, but this is an area that seems out of your restrain. Your financial goal comes through others; from your beloved ones. You need to improve their good charm. A higher power is in charge.  Your way may be not the best ways these days.


February – Investments are strong this month, but seem to come from your partner. Your financial suspicion is commonly strong from the 1st to 4th. After the 18th, the 9th house becomes powerful so foreign lands and foreign travel call to you. Offers for travel will come, and they look well in particular side.

March – By 22nd there is a shift of planetary power from west to East. You achieve a lot from hardworking. And the money also looks up. Your 10th house will become more powerful. This is a month for extreme career success. Pay rises and promotions would not be a surprise, Money comes from your good professional fame and standing.

April – Harmonies the expenditure from now. Earnings come with more effort until 20th, they do come. You need to go the extra mile with your employee. Earnings come from your career, good position, government health, elders and parents. After 20th earnings come from friends or groups that you are involved with. Make enough money to live on.

May– Finances will be tremendous all the whole month. Media activities, marketing and Promotion become more essential in earnings after20th. Your intuition would play a great role in the financial gains. Listen to what your mind dictates. This would help you to get gain out of speculative transactions.

June– Important financial information is brought to your notice. This is the wonderful period for reflection and self – analysis. After 12th the Planetary Power makes a shift in the Eastern way. Money will come but slowly.

July – Financial benefit seems strong. This month your financial planet, the Sun, exists in your own sign until 22nd. It is a good financial signal. It shows offers coming your way soon. You spend on yourself and invest yourself. You took the image of wealth. Money house is another good sign for you.

August – The Planetary Power will shift to the west again. Begin the 19th Resource have become more strong. Many of your financial friends of last month are still in effect.  Your dear ones are supportive of your financial aims. A business partnership can begin. You easily combine your social life with financial targets.

September – The Planetary power at the west is growing up day by day.  On the Financial front, earnings are good. But you really need to reorganize and restructure your financial life like investment, spending etc in an orderly manner. Your money house wants you to connection the leaks in your financial vessels.

October -The Solar eclipse of the 3rd not only forces long term monetary changes like planning, bankers, but also shows a move with family. Job changes can easily happen this month. Your 10th House of career is most important.

November – Your 10th House of work is strong. Your personal inspiration is also strong. You can earn money from your creativity. After 23rd of the month, money comes from work. Job seekers meet with good fortune this month. Boost your earnings by doing effortless work.

December – Earnings come from work and social connections. Others seem to hold the keys to your economical path these days. Their good elegance is unusually important. Your bank balance is boosted as well.