2016 is a year when the Cancer born natives would feel up and about. In fact the indications on the cards show that there would not be too many issues to worry about as far as the Health of the Cancer born natives is concerned.


Naturally no one can avoid the hiccups of minor infections and ailments in the course of one whole year. But with your innate positivity you shall be able to restrain these hiccups to the bare minimum – there would not be any major health issue that would prevent you from achieving all that the stars have planned for you in the course of the year.

But again this is also a year that would teach you an important lesson – you should take care of yourself first. Health comes first and foremost in every list. As such, you should avoid over working yourself. Staying away from addictions that would build up toxins in your body would also help you stay healthy.

Planetary Positions:

In the year 2016, the natal chart of the Cancer born natives shows a pattern where Planet Jupiter is found to be in a retrograde mode. This is the major reason while you may be feeling under the weather on and off. However, this negative effect is countered by the fact that the Sun and the Planet Mercury are also influencing that house of your natal chart that takes care of your health. This ensures that come what may, you never feel that you are out of energy or vitality.

Diet Suggestions:

The year 2016 will mostly see Cancer born natives suffering from problems related to the digestive system. This obviously means that diet would play a very significant role in your overall wellbeing. Since some of you would face problems with your bowels, it is recommended that you avoid intake of starch and sugar as far as possible. Curbing the intake of salt would help you find some relief from water retention and the resulting bloated feeling. Avoiding spicy food and too much oil in your cooking would make the work of your digestive system easier. One mineral that would be beneficial for you is calcium fluoride, and this can be found abundantly in seafood and egg yolks. Calcium intake would also help you to ward off inflammation in stomach.

All Water signs are greatly influenced by emotional fluctuations, and natives born under the sun sign Cancer are no exceptions. Environment and the reaction of the native to the surroundings cumulatively have a great effect on these people. As such you need to be well from within to be well physically too. The good news is that no major health hazard is predicted for you in the course of the year. You should not get bogged down by the minor hiccups, especially because your friends and family would provide you all kinds of support for your wellbeing.

Health Horoscope 2016

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