With career being most important to you on the year 2019, you are advised to rest and relax and keep an eye on your health.


Health shows sign of otherwise being fine, but there will be certain implications. Do not neglect health as it requires attention and probably a change in your schedule.

There will be immediate temper flare ups and domestic scene needs delicate handling. This calls for you being in the top of your mental health. There could also be certain trivial health hazards this year.

There will most probably be couple of problems which are related to cold and sugar and ailments which create enough problems. Thus it is advisable to take care of health and slow down and not be overtly stressed.

Planetary Positions
The 6th house of health is empowered this year indicating an enormous amount of interest and attention towards health. In many cases you will get into some kind of health regimen or there will be some interest in adopting preventive medication.

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This time Jupiter’s move in July has a lot of health implications too. Jupiter in your own sign and first solar house signifies that you are most concerned and interested in your health; and not only physical health but mental health too.

And it also means that not only do you want to stay healthy, but you want to look good too. There will be a tremendous focus on image and you are conscious this year. There could be a possibility of some of you having a cosmetic surgery done since the health seems good enough.

Till the month of August, the Cancer born people should take good care of their stomach and breast area. Post August you should lay your focus on heart. You should be alert and Keep taking care of your health particularly after the 23rd of September.

The Cancer born natives need to get into some kind of health regimen if not before then from October onwards. The 6th house  which are of your health and work are both energized almost towards the end of the year and thus you will be taking care of your health and will also be taking enough rest.

There are lot of therapies and practices that you can adopt once you know how you want to relax. Hand reflexologies, foot massage, kinesiology, Reiki, acupuncture or acupressure are some of the alternate medicines and practices you can try. Once you know that you have taken care of your health, your immediate attention will turn towards your appearance. It is always an excellent and practical idea to strengthen your organs and vital signs.

Diet Suggestions
Since this year will be focused to making dietary changes and also emphasizes on looking good and taking care of oneself, a healthy diet will be important. A healthy diet will entail lots of green vegetables, salad, lean meats, oats, water and other fruit juices and fruits, beans and sprouts.