During the year of 2016, those who were born under the zodiac sign Cancer will have numerous successes and opportunities thrown their way. However, nothing good ever is given without some problems, so make sure to watch out for something entering your space who will attempt to undermine all of your efforts.


However, simply keep you your head on straight and you will be able to see everything clearly and you can simply deal with the problems as you go forward.

Also, in the cards is the ability to climb up the rungs of the social based ladder and your expertise and efforts will be seen and acknowledged by those at your office and you will be appreciated and recognized. However, make sure to avoid any problems, especially those with the elder members of your family should be carefully handled. This will ensure that no small cracks will develop in your relationship.

Love and Relationship

During 2016, those who were born under the sign of Cancer will find a new meaning and significance when it comes to romance and life. You might be able to see if you as an individual have changed, but for the best. If you are thinking about getting married, then the first part of the year minus January is the ideal time to undergo the wedding.

You and your partner might have some different opinions, but these will eventually fade into the background and push happiness into the forefront. Make sure to keep calm and have patience to take all of the problems as they come and one of your oldest friendships might result in flames and romance. However, make sure that you are learning how to be open regarding what you are feeling to help make the bond between you and your significant other stronger.

Cancer Daily Horoscope (February 01, 2016)

If you have been thinking of taking up any issue with someone in an influential position you may do so today. You shall be at your communicative best and would be able to make your point heard without much ado. This skill will also be required to boost the spirits of your teammates at work. Any effort you put today will not go unnoticed. Travelling is on the cards. Many of you may get job offers in distant lands or may be sent off to execute a project that would require you to stay away from home for a while.

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Career and Business

You know exactly where you want to plan to be and you are extremely focused on reaching your goal. Make sure to appreciate your supervisors that will allow you to get your promotions and even help you to benefit financially as well. This year will be extremely rewarding for those who are in the creative area or the real estate sector. Make sure to keep your thoughts clear so that you can see through any of the problems that will allow you to clear up any problems with ease. You have expectations that are realistic, which is key to help you making sure and steady process towards your goals, but make sure to select any new partners for business or peers to work with.

Health and Wellness

This is will be the farthest thing from your mind and the positions of the planets are set to allow you to have great health. However, those who have long term problems should be ready for these to finally fade away. You should look into the spiritual based healing along with the traditional forms to help your mind find the calm and get rid of the stress that you might be facing. You might have to deal with allergies or problems with pollution or dust, but you will need to control your lifestyle.

Cancer Horoscope 2016

Cancer Horoscope 2016

Money and Finance

During 2016 you need to be careful, despite any increases in your earnings and revenue, make sure that you take the required precautions. This is one of the best years for you to invest in various security items, including bonds or gold or even real estate. Check out your options for a joint business that will bring in more funds than one you take on your own. If you expect money from any previous endeavor, then you might see a delay in getting these funds. Avoid speculation during the year and try to curtail any excess spending during the year to help you get through without any problems.

Family and Relatives

During the year you should put special emphasis on caring for your family and you need to understand that they also have various emotional needs. They will also need support from you, so make sure to let them know how you are feeling and even give them a bit of support emotionally. You and your partner might get involved with a charitable or social platform that is close to you heart and this will strengthen the bond and bring the both of you closer. This will also allow you to spend more time with each other and make sure to listen to the advice of the elders and your parents. However, avoid any lack or misunderstandings in your communication and enjoy the social events that will bring along happiness.

Travel and Vacation

During 2016, you will have plenty of scope to travel for both short and long term for pleasure along with business reasons. If you are thinking about expanding your various businesses projects, then consider taking them internationally. People will be able to clearly see the points that you are making because of your skills in your profession and your behavior, which will help all your transactions run smoothly. If you are in academics, then make sure to head to a presentation, seminar or conference that isn’t located nearby that will help you to connect with new people and to give you more knowledge. You might also be required to travel to some gatherings for the family, including marriage. Your finances and time management is one of the key things that you will have to focus on when you are traveling a lot.

Education and Studies

During this year you will come up with numerous thoughts and ideas that will allow you to explore your skills in your chosen area of interests. You should make sure that you work alone until you are sure that your efforts will be recognized and given the full credit. You will be tempted to show off your abilities and even run some risks, especially when it comes to undertaking a trip to see what other opportunities are available in this field. However, make sure that you thinking about the risks that you are taking so that they won’t kick you in the rear end and sabotage you on the way up. If you are looking to get your higher schooling done abroad, then the time between January and May is the best time.

Areas of Growth

You will find yourself with more responsibilities during the year, but running the other way from the responsibilities isn’t going to help. However, Jupiter will strongly influence your chart and that is indicating a positive 2016. You will have the highest amount of self confidence, along with compassion and love for the closest people in your life, which will allow you to make adjustments or sacrifices for them without any hesitation. You also have a strong desire to start from the beginning, but make sure to give yourself attention and time as well. Also, to relieve some of the stress that you are under, make sure to release your creative aspects that would arise.

Areas of Challenge

The significant area in your life that will be tested this year is your relationship and you will want to choose only the best for yourself. However, at the moment your requirements are extremely high and you will get into relationships with a high level of caution and that will allow you to be seen as someone without compassion and warmth. If you are in a long standing relationship, then make sure to focus on sparking the romance back up. For the parents, your children will be looking for more attention and time and pull you down with numerous more responsibilities than normal. Consider turning your hobby into a business venture so that you can bring in extra money, while unwinding at the same time.

Areas of Excitement

This year your area of focus and excitement will be centered on how you are seen in public along with your profession. You will find that many people will see you a mentor and that will be an extremely stimulating and new experience for you that will allow you to create and expand. Also, adding new insights to whatever you are working on will be extremely beneficial and you will exceed any expectations at your office and you will have full cooperation, appreciation and support from everyone in the office. However, take many safety precautions while you are undertaking any changes or decisions since what you spark now can live on for many years. Avoid gossip and concentrate only on what is in front of you rather that what others may be saying.

Areas of Change

You need to focus on changing your approaches regarding relationships and partnerships along with your attitude to allow sailing smoothly through the year. You will be drawn towards new challenges and adventures that will create a special bond with those who are also experiencing the same thing. However, your inbuilt desire to work alone might clash with the required partnerships at your work. Learn to enjoy the team work and spirit that is involved, including in the relationship with your partner.

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  • Unfavorable Months – February, September, July, December.
  • Favorable Colors – Orange, Pink, Bright Red, White.
  • Lucky Numbers – 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61.