Cancer is one of the deepest signs of the zodiac. Not only are they deep, they are loyal, emotional, imaginative, and at the same time insecure and suspicious too.

These are traits which make Cancer born people some of the most difficult people to understand in the zodiac. So much so, that at times it may seem really challenging.

On the other hand they are deeply attached to their families and sensitive about people who surround them and are close to them. They love deeply and emotionally and are selfish and manipulative when it comes to the object of their love.

Positions of Planets and Stars
The 7th House of Love is not a house of power this year and that is the reason why there will be a lot of fluidity round relationships this year. Cancer born natives will be able to shape things and relationships up the way they want to. Saturn occupying the mid-heaven point of your horoscope symbolizes that marriage, home and social entity will be prominent this year.

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The married cancer born will be completely focused on home and relationship this year and they take their marriage a step further and almost to a spiritual level.

It is time for them to look at the bigger picture and marriage will be used as a social platform. Those who are involved will feel a heightened sense of romance and love. Those wanting to bring a child to the family fold can expect that to happen as well.

The status quo remains of singles remaining so and the married remaining married. However people who are currently in their second marriage will have a good time while those in their third may face some obstacles. Those who are yet to meet that someone special will do so very suddenly, probably in a social setting. This person will be unique and extraordinary and the singles have a chance of settling down in matrimony. Over all, it would be a phase of growth and focus on love in 2017 for the Cancer born.

Astrological Compatibility and Incompatibility
For the spontaneous and creative Cancer it is very important to find the true compatibility with other sun signs.  When it comes to lovers, partners or even friends; Cancer born people have shown extreme emotions, jealousies, compassions, caring and yet again selfishness. Thus it is needed to understand which are the signs, which will be able to cope up with the passion, dreamy qualities and spontaneity of a Cancer. Let us then take a look as to which are the most compatible and also the most incompatible signs for the romantic sphere in 2017. However, it is always wise to remember, that there is always a greater thing other than compatibility or non-compatibility and that is also very important.

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