• January – This month you should keep your eyes and ears open. Someone may be backstabbing you posing as a friend. You need to see through the trick and emerge safe and sound.



    • February – This is a month when you need to rethink your financial planning. You may even consider consulting a profession to get the job done in an organized manner.


    • March – Your personal relationship needs some adjustment. You may need to even consider severing ties with some people who are better enemies than friends.


    • April – This is the time when Lady Luck would bless your career with a booster dose that was totally unexpected.


    • May – Your workplace may develop some tension during this month. The key to overcome the situation is to keep calm and lie low.


    • June – This month is for romance, and many of you would be busy rekindling your love. Romantic vacation is on the cards for some of you. This is an auspicious time to tie the knot for those who have been into a relationship for a while now.


    • July – This month you shall be rewarded and recognized for your contribution at work. If people do not do so voluntarily, you may consider planning how to bring the spotlight directly on you.


    • August – This is the month that asks you to take some time off to be with your family. This is the time to plan that family vacation that has been pending for quite some time now.


    • September – This month you shall have to burn a huge hole in your pocket. This would be something unplanned, urgent and unavoidable. Do not feel upset. You shall be able to load up again soon.


    • October – You work very hard and are extremely dedicated. Also, you expect the same from your colleagues. Unfortunately not all people set such high standards for themselves, and this can cause discord with your peers. However, you should not allow the situation to flare up and go beyond control. Remember that at some point you shall need the assistance of your team, and it is no point in turning them against you.


    • November – This month it is the time for devoting your attention to your family. Your profession has probably kept you off the domestic loop for a while now, and this is the time to remedy that. You may have to lend patient ears to some problem that a young one in your family has been going though. You shall be expected to counsel with your opinion, care and suggestions.


    • December – This is the time when you shall ponder about all that you have achieved in the course of the year, and also about all that you plan to achieve in the coming year. You feel positive and enthusiastic, and this would help you to conquer new heights.


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