Capricorn Financial Horoscope 2016 paints a happy picture in terms of money. This is a year when you shall be able to add on to your resources both by means of your personal earnings and also from funds received from other sources like gifts or inheritance.


Now it is on you to retain what you gain. It is recommended that you make proper investments so that you get returns for your future security. There are two things that can pose as a challenge to you and block your way from getting money. One is any whimsical decision which may make you lose friends and affect your path of growth.

Whimsical decisions in terms of investments or expenditures would also affect the process of you making money. The second point is admitting errors – if you know you are at the wrong end you should not let pride or ego stop you from admitting it – admission of error is the first step to rectification – which may help you to restore lost resources. Your instincts are sharp, and so is your intelligence; and you should listen to what they say in matters of money.

Planetary Positions:

The financial horoscope of the Capricorn born natives show a peculiar pattern where there is a confluence of a number of celestial bodies. Planets Mercury, Venus and Jupiter along with the Sun cast a direct influence on this sector of your natal chart. This makes it easier for you to expand upon your already available resources. This is also the time when you shall be blessed with ideas that would be creative and financially gainful as well. There would be a chance of a sudden financial gain from a source that you were not expecting. It is recommended that you utilize all the extra available moolah to fortify your future.

Professions that may bring you more money:

The Zodiac Sign Capricorn is related to the Element Earth as per the rules of astrology. We know that people who belong to the earth signs are deeply rooted to the ground – naturally even Capricorn born natives have a strong sense of logic and practicality. You are sincere and hard working, and you also like to receive rewards for the efforts that you put in. This makes people often label you as materialistic. But in reality you like to create resources that are tangible, resources that would help you in times of need all your life. You are blessed with the ability to be tactful and diplomatic – this enables you to come out clean even if you face any hurdle or crisis at work. You are diligent, and if you set a financial target you shall work towards achieving it too. The professions that would help you bring more money home during this year are academics, computers, engineering, fine arts and administrative positions.

Financial Horoscope 2016

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