Finance has always been important to the Capricornia born people, but this year it will be more important than ever.

There is a lot of focus, priority and desire on the financial front this year.


There will be the monthly or seasonal fluctuations of wealth predictions, but the overall finance looks good where all the financial goals will be achieved and targets met.

Planetary Transits

The 2nd house of Money is the most powerful house in your horoscope this year, signifying a great drive towards wealth. Saturn’s trine to the house of your money shows that despite working hard, it will be compensated as the money pouring in will be good. Uranus, which is your planet of money, will indicate that you are creative and experimental with your financial aspects. it also indicates that you can do away with all the bookish knowledge of finances and create your own avenues regarding finances.

Professions which may bring more money

This is a year which indicates lot of hard work and financial restructuring. But those who are able to do it will do well at the end. Still people who are involved in real estate, cement, writing and manufacturing industry will do well.

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Let us have a look now at how the monthly horoscope of those born under the sign of Capricorn in 2017 looks like.

January – This is also a prosperous month. You Money House become very strong after 19th and there is great interest finance now. This would be a good month to pay off debt and to prosper by eliminating waste and needless expense. Your credit line will increase. Outside investors are easier to attract. Job-seekers need not seek; job opportunities are seeking them – especially after 10th.


February – Good health for you also means good financial health. Prosperity is strong. Glory, status and position fade into the background – you are interested in the bottom line. Good professional reputation is an important factor in earnings. Elders and Parents will be supporting you as much as possible. Government contracts can enhance your bottom line during this period.

March – On 20th day of this month, the dynamic Planet Mars moves into your Money House. This makes you more aggressive and risk-taking in finance. Family member seems involved in finances. You are spending more on home. Professional investors should look at property and industries that cater to the home for investment ideas.

April – Finances are coming with greater difficulty after 20th . Your 4th House of Home and Family will be increasing more. Earnings can come through your jobs. There might be a change in your job. Prosperity will become stronger. You will have to work harder to earn well.

May – In finance you rush in where angels fear to tread. You seem absolutely fearless. You are overcoming financial fear. But finance can be a roller-coaster – earnings can be huge at certain times and drop dramatically at others. Again you are spending money involving in family. Property investments seem speculative but can pay off big if they succeed.

June – Finances are calming down. Mars moves away from Financial Planet by 12th and this planet starts going retrograde on 14th. A little slow down now might be welcome after last month. Earnings will still come, of course, but there could be more delays. Important financial decisions will need more than usual study. Elders, parents or friends are supportive of your financial goals.

July – Your Financial Planet is retrograde all month. But your 8th House of Other People’s Money is very powerful. Your judgment is better when it comes to others people’s finances than your own. Personal financial projects and deals need more development time. This is a month to help others prosper and to think of their financial interests – then you own prosperity will come in natural ways.

August – Finances are status quo this month. Your enhanced career status is sure to lead to greater earnings eventually, but not in the short term. Your Financial Planet is still retrograde. So be patient in finances. Go slowly and steadily – methodical advancement is called for. Financial clarity is the most important thing now.

September – Finances are improved over last month. Elders, parents seem supportive of financial goals and provide opportunities. After 11th, career elevation has a direct impact on your bank balance. Financial Planet retrograde suggests a need for caution in important investments, purchases of big-ticket items or financial deals.

October – Your partner is making financial changes. Jupiter’s move into Scorpio on 26th is bringing financial prosperity for the next year. It starts to make fantastic aspects to your Financial Planet, Uranus. Friends and organizations are going to become very important financially – now and for the year to come.

November – Finances can be improved dramatically. Your Financial Planet, Uranus, starts moving forward on 16th bringing sound financial judgment and clarity. Stalled financial projects move forward again. Financial intuition is brilliant and is the short-cut to riches. Like last month friends, groups, elders, parents and organizations play an important major financial role.

December – After 15th some opportunities will come as you pursue financial goals – or with people involved in your finances. Prosperity is still strong all month. Your Money House will be increasing more. There is also a chance for a promotion and foreign tour.