The year 2016 would not pose much challenge in the health sector for the people born under the sun sign Capricorn. However you may feel a little low on energy over certain periods of time.


However you should not get bothered by the fact in case you feel little under the weather on and off sporadically in the year. The major cause for your ill health during the year would spring out of your lifestyle and habits. Unfortunately not all of it would be in your hands to control.

You are perhaps facing a lot of burden at work. Or perhaps your home front is giving you some hard time. This would naturally build up in the stress and strain factors. This may also add to some anxiety. Consequently you may face some aches and pains – it is recommended that you practice yoga or do some freehand exercise regularly so that you can relax your muscles and get relief from those troubles.

Apart from that, a light and healthy diet would be easy on your system. In fact exhaustion may take away appetite from you. In addition it may also cause problem in your digestive system. So that you can continue to perform well in all the other spheres of life, it is recommended that you take some time off to allow yourself to unwind. A vacation with loved ones would perhaps solve the issue. Try to organize your life and lifestyle so that you can balance the various aspects of your life. Put yourself in your own priority list – this would be your key to good health during this year. Apart from that you should take some extra precaution during season changes or else you may suffer from viral infections.

Planetary Positions:

This year Planet Saturn, which is your ruling Planet, would govern the health aspect of your horoscope. However there would be another planet that would house itself in your natal chart – it is Planet Mars – however this planet would be in an exalted mode, which would account for the low level of energy.

Diet Suggestions:

Your diet should include such food items that would help you boost your overall good health, immunity and vitality. Although it is a widely known factor, but you should keep in mind the fact that it is always beneficial to include fresh fruits, green vegetables and low fat milk on your diet. Your diet should have high protein content and should be loaded with calcium too. Staying out of food items loaded with sugar would also be beneficial for you. Fishes have an ample amount of Omega 3 in them and are known to help in healing aches and pains. Energy rich food items like nuts would boost your vitality. Your diet should also include the element Calcium Phosphate. Food items that can provide you with this are broccoli, cabbage, spinach, orange, celery, lemons etc.

Health Horoscope 2016

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