The 2016 year predicts that the Capricorns will have a feeling of fulfillment in their life which will immerse you in a peaceful and joyous state.

However, makes sure to splurge on yourself in order to help balance out your crazy schedule that you will be having during the year. You will have to make numerous changes that will help you to grow as well.

Love and Relationship

During this year you will find that you have a calm and clear picture about the direction of your current or upcoming relationship. You will find that you and your partner will have an enhanced level of communication skills and that this will benefit you when it comes to taking care of any such problems that might arise because of miscommunication.

Any worries or concerns that you have in this area will suddenly clear and fade into nothing and those who are not in a relationship might encounter their soul mate during this phase. Also, those who are in a committed relationship might be thinking about getting married now and this year will find you with an adventurous and exciting twists and turns in your romantic life.

Capricorn Daily Horoscope (February 01, 2016)

Today you may not get rewards in proportion to the efforts they would put. However, there is no reason to be upset about it. You can simply take the day easy and stick to routine work. Try to control your temper and your words otherwise there is a high chance of argument. You should not subject your family to the effects of your mood swings.

Lucky Number : 23, 37, 47

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Career and Business

This is the best year in order for you to progress further in your chosen field and profession and your dream will be fulfilled during this year. Also, this year think about venturing out and working on projects that are different than your normal ones, so don’t hesitate to take up any new projects. You will have great ways of organizing everything that will bring you success in all that you take on this year. However, because of this success, you will have to put in plenty of effort to create the success and you will have plenty of interesting opportunities that are thrown in front of you, so make sure to enthusiastically start the work. You will also meet new and exciting people in your field of work that will become your inspiration and they will also help you to progress in your career. The cards are also predicting that you will have a larger amount of work or business expansion and that a bit of extra work will help you ensure great gains in your finances. Overall, this year will find you on a stable ground when it comes to your career and progressing as well with the required help.

Health and Wellness

This year will bring you overall great health along with cheer for those who were born under the Capricorn sun sign. You will be full of energy and that will be put to good use in the proper direction. However, during the middle part of the year, you might start to feel low on energy and exhausted because of the pressure you have been dealing with during the last months and you will need to take care during this time to avoid any gastrointestinal issues. It is recommended that you should start undertaking these precautions from the start of the year to keep your immunity at a high level. You should avoid oily and spicy foods along with those that are full of trans-fat and you might want to look into sparing some time in your daily schedule to participate in physical activities, including aerobics, dancing, exercise or yoga based on your preferences. Finally, despite how little free time you find yourself having; make sure that you take some time out to pamper yourself, including your soul so you can rest easily and your brain will be able to completely relax and shut down for some time.

Capricorn Horoscope 2016

Capricorn Horoscope 2016

Money and Finance

The positions of the planet Jupiter during 2016 in the financial area of the chart will make sure that you will have stability in your finances. You will have plenty of opportunities during the year to increase your income and you should make sure to take it while you can and get the most out that you can. This year you will also have the scope that will allow you to, in general, improve the financial situation for you and your family. However, this is the point when you should learn to avoid making any expenditure that aren’t unwanted or needed in order to save more money. Also, this is the perfect year to make any investments that you have been looking at that would bring you income in the future and take care of any financial problems that have been plaguing you. You might also find yourself getting returns from the various investments that you have made previously.

Family and Relatives

During 2016 those who were born under the sign of the Capricorn would have a good year with family and the bonds will be strengthened. Capricorns fully understand the necessity of having a great relationship with your family and being happy while you are at your home is one of the best things that you can enjoy all year round. This doesn’t mean that these stronger bonds will simply come, but you will need to put some effort into it and these will be noticed and your family will appreciate the fact that you are working hard to keep a tight bond. You will experience peace and a great amount of harmony when it comes to your home, but you shouldn’t let your temper get the best of you, especially when others are also hot headed. When this happens, make sure to keep your patience and act in a rational, yet mature manner to avoid larger problems. These small sacrifices will make a large mark on the relationship and it will show people that you care and they will start to look at things in the same manner you do. Making sure that this is taken care of will ensure that you will have a peaceful life at home.

Travel and Vacation

This will be a good year regarding travel and you will be traveling all throughout the year. You will be traveling for many different reasons, including work, vacations, family events, religious, educational and learning tours and much more. The chances are high that you will also travel outside of your beloved country, especially during the second quarter of the year. These travels will help to enhance the experiences you enjoy in life and help to give you a new and broader view of the world. Despite how much or to where you end up traveling, you will feel even more in tune with your roots, which will leave you feeling humbled and grateful.

Education and Studies

All Capricorns have been born with wisdom and brains and you also have the foresight and you like to keep yourself knowledgeable about what is happening all over the world. You also have the ability to learn from everything that you experience and from others as well. You are blessed with the ability to observe and take in the positive aspects of those around you. This will give you the required edge above the others in the educational spectrum and you will be able to be in the front of the academic field, if you want. This is the year where you will see your dreams become reality and you will meet an influential person in your chosen field that would direct your and teach you what you need to know. You will also be supported by your teachers and peers and those who have sat for their competitive tests or applied for further education will see good results that you desire.

Areas of Growth

You are humble and extremely polite and these virtues are one of your strengths, but some will try to change them into your weaknesses and attempt to take advantage of you using these. However, you will need to work hard to change this situation during the upcoming year and you need to stop being doubtful about yourself and your skills. Make sure to work on growing your self-confidence along with pride in your actions and skills, along with power. You can kindle these virtues without putting yourself out there like a peacock, which isn’t needed or required.

Areas of Challenge

This year you will have to work hard and concentrate on the challenge of staying away from the problems that you aren’t directly involved in or situations might come up where you and your loved ones will have some misunderstandings. Your nature compels you to have strong feelings for various causes and you are just, but when you stand up for these, then you will need to face the opposition in tight spaces. However, this won’t stop you from pushing forward and this needs to change or else a close friendship will be sacrificed from these actions.

Areas of Excitement

You will face excitement in your love and romantic life during this year and you are extremely conservative and shy about talking about how you feel. However, this year you will be more open to experimenting and undertaking more adventures and this new attitude will have a big different in bringing back the spark and the passion in your love life that will help both of you feel happier and loved.

Areas of Change

This year you will want to live your life by your own rules, which will surprise your close friends and family since you have always accommodated the requirements of those that are close to you. However, you are always the one giving and everyone is used to this and they tend to forget that you also might want to receive things sometimes. This will be a good change since people will remember you more, including your dreams and other requirements. Those that surround you should be able to understand that they should take care of you in the same way that you do for them. This year you might feel like living for yourself instead of for others.

    • Favorable Months – January, May, September, December.


    • Unfavorable Months – July, September, October.


    • Favorable Colors – Dark Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Brown.


    • Lucky Numbers – 3, 21, 33, 59, 60.