• January – This is the time when your achievements would come under the spotlight bringing you recognition and rewards. There may be peers who would not feel so happy about it. You should try to stay composed and keep doing your best.



    • February – This month may teach you a lesson in not trusting anyone and everyone. You should remember that everyone would not match up to your standards of honesty and transparency.


    • March – There would be immense pressure at work and you shall hardly have time to breathe. You may feel stressed and tensed at times. Love of family would be comforting.


    • April – This month it is time for monetary gains. It would happen from either your professional gains or from investments made in the past. It is recommended that you invest the money wisely for the future.


    • May – This is the time to spice up your romance, especially for those Capricorn born natives who have been into a relationship for a while now, and need some extra sparkle to make the mundane shine.


    • June – As you have gone through nearly half of the year, you plan to take some time off to reorganize your priorities keeping the present in mind. This is also the time to dream new things and work out strategies to make them come true.


    • July – This month you would have to juggle between your professional responsibilities and social liabilities. Both sides would hanker for your attention. This is the time for strict time management and discipline.


    • August – You have been working diligently for quite some time now, and even burning midnight oil. This is the time when you should reward yourself for all these efforts by gifting yourself a vacation. This would make you feel rejuvenated and restful.


    • September – This month you shall feel to be living in Utopia – you shall achieve all that you have hoped and dreamt. You feel that you probably have nothing more to ask from life.


    • October – This month may pose some trouble for you in the health front, especially if you are prone to any chronic diseases or allergies. It is recommended that you seek medical help without sitting on the health problems. However, there would not be any cause for major tension, since all the hiccups would be minor ones.


    • November – This month everything would seem to be perfect, and this would naturally make you very happy. You would probably say a silent prayer hoping that things stay this way as long as possible. There would be recognition and rewards coming your way for all the hard work that you put in. Finances would be in a comfortable situation. Peace and harmony would prevail at home.


    • December – This month will be an easy going one for you; and you shall seize this opportunity to ponder about the year gone by. Do not forget to count your blessings and thank you stars.


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