Gambling or ritualistic gambling is something which has been known to the Hindu religion since time immemorial. Mention of gambling has been found since the Vedic period in fact.

The gambling was known as Dyuta and playing or game of it was known as Dyuta krida. This game is played on a  board and dice. The board is known as Chaupar and the dice is known as Pasha.

It indeed is a taboo to play Jua or gamble in the Indian society; however it is permitted to gamble for religious purposes.

Thus gambling on Diwali is permitted in Indian society as most of the families do it for the sake of religion. The day of Dyuta Krida in 2019 is on the 28st of October, Monday.


  • Legend of Dyuta Krida


According to legends, the game of dice was invented by Lord Shiva himself. The first game was played between Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati. It was the auspicious day of pratipada of the month of Kartick, when the first game was played.   The day is also known as Bali Pratipada or Gowardhan Puja. First Devi Parvati defeated Lord Shiva. After having defeated Shiva, Devi Parvati then played the game of Dyuta Krida with her son Kartickeya, however he defeated Devi Parvati. Kartickeya then was defeated in this game by Lord Ganesha. Thus it is a game to be played amidst family on this auspicious day. Lord Shiva had supposedly said that he had invented this game for those who had time to while away and those who wanted to accrue some wealth and destroy the wealth of others.


  • Rituals of the Dyuta Krida


Dyuta Krida is a must in the Kartick Pratipada. The devotees should awake early in the morning and have a Abhyang Snan using ubtans and special scented oil followed by Shikakai. Then they should wear new clothes and take mangal aarti. The best time to engage in the Dyuta Krida is the pratahkal or early morning.


  • Significance of Dyuta Krida


The significance of gambling in the pratipada or on the night of gambling is that people who gamble together with family on this day is blessed by Goddess Parvati. It was believed that if someone won a game of Dyuta then the coming year for them would be favorable. Thus it was more of a forecast of the coming year.