Get a February 2016 Calendar with holidays and you will see quite a few important events or festival falling on several days of the month.

January 2016February 2016 CalenderMarch 2016
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  1Abolition of Slavery (Mauritius)Constitution Day (Mexico) 2Candlemas (Christian) 3Heroes’ Day (Mozambique) 4Liberation Day (Angola)National Day (Sri Lanka) 5 6Tet Eve (Vietnam)
7Korean New Year (South Korea) 8Chinese New Year (Chinese)Family Day (Canada) 9Martes de Carnival (Argentina)St. Maroun Day (Lebanon) 10Ash Wednesday (Christian)Feast of St. Pauls shipwreck (Malta) 11 12Vasant Panchami (Hindu) 13
14St. Valentine’s Day (Christian)Rafik Hariri Memorial Day (Lebanon) 15Presidents Day (USA)Sovereignty Day of Serbia (Serbia) 16Restoration of the State Day (Lithuania)Archbishop Janani Luwum Day (Uganda) 17 18 19Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti (Indian) 20
21Language Martyrs’ Day (Bangladesh) 22Guru Ravidas Birthday (Indian)Navam Full Moon Poya (Sri Lanka) 23National Day (Brunei) 24Independence Day (Estonia) 25National Day (Kuwait) 26Liberation Day (Kuwait) 27Independence Day (Dominican Republic)
28 29Andalucia Day (Spain: regional)Peace Memorial Day (Taiwan)          


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February 2016 Holidays

Feb 01
Abolition of Slavery (Mauritius)
Constitution Day (Mexico)

Feb 02
Candlemas (Christian)

Feb 03
Heroes’ Day (Mozambique)

Feb 04
Liberation Day (Angola)
National Day (Sri Lanka)

Feb 06
Tet Eve (Vietnam)

Feb 07
Korean New Year (South Korea)

Feb 08
Chinese New Year (Chinese)
Family Day (Canada)

Feb 09
Martes de Carnival (Argentina)
St. Maroun Day (Lebanon)

Feb 10
Ash Wednesday (Christian)
Feast of St. Pauls shipwreck (Malta)

Feb 12
Vasant Panchami (Hindu)

Feb 14
St. Valentines Day (Christian)
Rafik Hariri Memorial Day (Lebanon)

Feb 15
Presidents Day (USA)
Sovereignty Day of Serbia (Serbia)

Feb 16
Restoration of the State Day (Lithuania)
Archbishop Janani Luwum Day (Uganda)

Feb 19
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti (Indian)

Feb 21
Language Martyrs’ Day (Bangladesh)

Feb 22
Guru Ravidas Birthday (Indian)
Navam Full Moon Poya (Sri Lanka)

Feb 23
National Day (Brunei)

Feb 24
Independence Day (Estonia)

Feb 25
National Day (Kuwait)

Feb 26
Liberation Day (Kuwait)

Feb 27
Independence Day (Dominican Republic)

Feb 29
Andalucia Day (Spain: regional)
Peace Memorial Day (Taiwan)