Financial Horoscope 2016 will attempt to put to ease your doubts about monetary prosperity that is in store for you in the year 2016.

Let us face it, all of us have butterflies in our stomach when we try to make an investment or take any financial decision as such.


We at 123NewYear would give you a clear perspective in this regard from the astrological viewpoint thereby enabling you to take informed decision.

    • Aries: This is not the year to be impulsive or childish in matters of money. It is also suggested that you stay away from any significant investment or even borrow any amount of money whether from an individual or an organization. It is also recommended that you should curb your impulsive spending sprees so that you can slowly but steadily add to your savings.


    • Taurus: You are known for your love of all things that add finesse to life. You have also indulged a lot in possessing some of such fancies. This has no doubt left you with a hole in your savings. This year it is the time to remedy that. You should stick to a stringent budget especially in the first half of the year. The cards show that there would be inflow of resources during the middle of the year making you financially more solvent in the second half of the year. However, it is still recommended that you make planned expenditures so that you never face any financial crisis.


Financial Horoscope 2016

Aries Taurus Gemini
Cancer Leo Virgo
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    • Gemini: This is the year when your personal income would increase manifold and would also contribute in a significant way in some way or the other to the family income that you have. As such, it is an auspicious time to consider how to dispense your money in a proper manner – it is suggested that you consult a financial expert who would be able to guide you to proper investments.


    • Cancer: In this year there would be a balance of both inflow and outflow of funds. Your income would increase. However, so would your liabilities, and most of them would be unavoidable. As such, the need for the hour would be the proper management of finances. It is recommended that you should plan your finances meticulously at the beginning of the year keeping a lot of cushion for contingencies, and then stick to the plan as far as it is practicable and possible. It is recommended that you do not gent into money lending in any form during this year.


    • Leo: You may be feeling lucky in this year, but, when it comes to finances it is recommended that you stick to a conservative mode during this year. Speculations would be absolute no when it comes to money – even calculative risks are not recommended during this year. This is a year that would not bring too much of change in your financial status in any way. The good news is that it would not deteriorate either.


    • Virgo: The year would tease you in matters of money. The first half of the year would almost tempt you to splurge by bringing your way a surplus of liquid cash. However, it is recommended that you do not give in to the temptations. This is because of the fact that these would come handy in the second half of the year when your expenses would be on the rise.


    • Libra: You shall have to rethink finance during this year. All that you had planned initially in matters of money would not bring you your desired results. However, this is not the year when you shall be able to make too many changes in the financial sector either – the best way to while away the time is to stick to a conservative pattern when it comes to money. Any kind of long term investment should not be considered during this time.


    • Scorpio: This is the year when you should not trust anyone in matters of money. It is also recommended that you stay away from any major monetary transaction of which you would not see any immediate result. You should take absolute control of your purse strings. If you are calculative about dealing with financial transactions and can manage the income you have properly, then you shall be able to add on to the savings.


    • Sagittarius: This is the year when joint ventures would bring better returns rather than solo ones when it comes to matters of money. It is also recommended that you do not take any financial decisions on your own. You should also try to abide by a stringent budget. Expenditures that are not absolutely essential should be curbed.


    • Capricorn: The year will bring you abundant monetary returns. In your work sphere there would be steady inflow of funds as long as you steadily keep giving the efforts regularly. However, the bulk inflow would come from other sources – it may be from investments made in the past or from something that you inherit or from a gift that suddenly comes to you.


    • Aquarius: As per astrology, this is not a year when you should expect to grow your finances in leaps and bounds. In fact you may even have to incur a loan, perhaps in the first half of the year. In the second half of the year the income would be on the rise. But you should not waste the surplus in a frivolous manner for those should be rather used to repay your debt.


    • Pisces: The year may make you see some ups and downs in matters of money. You shall have to make the most of the ups so that you do not get much affected by the down time. This is the year when you should make proper and careful financial planning and stick to it too. The end of the year would be auspicious for investment purposes.