The professionals that are born under the Gemini sign will have an amazing period where they can have new starts and advancements. This year will see you being praised beyond anything you ever expected at your workplace, and students can expect to achieve good placement in their competitive tests.

This will also be the same for those candidates who are sitting before the interview panel for starting another job. Those who are in businesses will be able to successfully expand and meet people that would be able to help push the business up to different notch altogether.

If you have just completed your studies, then you won’t have to wait long to get your dream job and it will require only a small amount of effort. The cards also predict that you will be moving due to your job or even to start your higher education.

For those who are in business they will be able to complete tie-ups with foreign companies, while those who are the service will receive foreign based projects for the company that would simply add another feather in your career cap growth. During the entire year international travel and trips has been highlighted and these trips will open new doors for you, so make sure to take advantage of these to expand on any given opportunities.

During the start of the year there might be very little amounts of hard work required since you will be facing deadlines that need to be met. However, you will start to reap the rewards for your hard work as the year progresses. This is also an auspicious year to start any new ventures, to start a different assignment or even to join a new company.

Planetary Positions:

Planet Saturn will reside in the sixth house at the start of the year, which brings commitments and difficult work to you. You will have to put out plenty in effort and clearly take the ownership about your part in the project. During this time putting in hard work is the key.

After February, you will have plenty of energy that is bestowed upon you by Planet Neptune, which is the planet to give you inspiration and creativity. Because of these influences your career will start to become exciting and you will come up with inspired and new ideas that will be accepted. You will also have sharpened intuitive abilities because of Neptune and this will allow you to make the right choices while starting a new business, job or project.

Favored Professions:

Sports, Technical Profession, Academics.
The top way to get ahead during 2016 is to make sure that you are aware of the ongoing trends in your chosen profession. Gemini’s have a great ability to reason things out, good sense and communication, so make sure to use these properly as they will help you out of any situation that is distressing. Make sure to sharpen your skills and then enjoy the benefits.

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