Gemini Financial Horoscope 2016 suggests that Lady Luck would almost tease you all through the year by playing hide n seek with you when it comes to money. You shall have a lot of liquid cash coming your way many times during the year.


Now whether you can keep them or you simply blow them off the wind is absolutely on you. This is especially true because of the fact that not all through the year you shall have similar inflow of funds. So, when you do, you should try saving for those times when extra cash would be necessary but perhaps scarce.

There would perhaps be phases during the year when matters of money would perhaps make you feel a little anxious. However, you shall never be in actual soup, thanks to your stars. The need of the hour is to plan your finances well. As the year begins, it is recommended that you draw a picture of where you stand in matters of finances, and where you want to be at the end of the year.

Then it would be time to device plans to reach your goals. Keeping an eye on a larger target is good; however, it would be better to achieve tangible benefits if you chalked out short term goals. Once you achieve a target, you shall feel enthused about marching towards the next. Adding your short term achievements would take you to the larger objective.

Planetary Positions:

The horoscope of the Gemini born natives show an interesting pattern when it comes to finances. The year begins with Planet Jupiter blessing directly on the house of finances in the natal chart. This is a time when you shall see some surplus inflow of funds. As the year progresses however the same Planet goes in the retrograde mode and you face some trouble in acquiring more funds by means of your personal efforts. But as the year nears an end Planet Pluto would shine in the financial sector and would bring you income from sectors other than your own earning – for example, gift, inheritance etc.

Professions that may bring you more money:

According to a Gemini born native there is no happiness in accumulating material wealth if you do not get enriched in learning and experiences in the journey. Intellectual wealth is held very high by a Gemini born native. You have been blessed with intelligence and keen reasoning power. Using them you have sharpened your natural instinct in matters of money. You can sense much beforehand whether a deal would hold grounds or not. As such Gemini born natives who shall be in finance, banking or property matters would do extremely well. Since you like to use your latent talents to bring you money, those in the industry of fine arts would flourish monetarily during this year.

Financial Horoscope 2016

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