Gemini Health horoscope 2016 suggests that the Gemini born natives should try to be relaxed if they want to be in the best of their health and cheer. You shall be very anxious to fit in to the various roles that you have to play in the different aspects of life. You are creative and you want recognition.


This creates a sense of tension within which consequently leads to stress and strain. From this stems the possibility of you suffering from problems in your respiratory system and nervous system. If you do not take precautions and also measures from the very onset, then these problems can cause setback to your life at large.

As such, it is recommended that you try and stay calm and composed no matter what life throws your way. Since rest relaxation and rejuvenation would be highly essential for your well being you may actually consider a vacation to unwind yourself.

Also you should lead a regimented life where care is given to your diet and you leave room for adequate rest. Some form of physical exercise is also recommended for your overall wellbeing – if stark exercising bores you, you may consider learning an outdoor game or sports or even take up dancing. This would also help you to balance your hormones thereby helping you to stay fit and fine.

Planetary Positions:

There are two Planets that would influence the house of your natal chart that affects your health condition. These two Planets are Mars and Saturn. The confluence has given you a lot of power to control your health and also blessed you with positive vibes. This is because Mars is known to bless a native with positive energy – when you have zeal from within you empower your immunity system and can thereby combat any ailment that may come your way. Saturn on the other hand is known to be the determining factor of “Karma”. When this planets influences your health it can be safely said that your actions would largely determine the condition of your health and wellbeing. If you can manage to lead a well balanced life, you shall be blessed with the pink of health.

Diet Suggestions:

Gemini should try to eat healthy overall. A portion controlled balanced meal taken at regular intervals would give you strength and stamina. It is recommended that you stay away from any toxin building addiction. It is also suggested that you stay away from junk food. Refrain should also be exercised regarding caffeine high food items like tea, coffee or aerated drinks. You may look for healthy substitutes. You should pump up the intake of healthy fluids like water, freshly made juices or soups. Another element that would prove to be beneficial if included in your diet is potassium chloride. This can be abundantly found in common vegetables like tomatoes or common fruits like oranges and lemons.

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