The year of 2017 bodes well for the Gemini born as no major health scares are foreseen in the astral charts.

There could however be certain minor irritations regarding skin, stomach or threat. There should be one thing to be kept in mind that extreme caution should be maintained while driving or travelling to avoid the risk of accident.


This is a year, when those who were experiencing great health will continue to do so and those having ailments will be yet to recuperate completely. Due to excessive stress in your workplace, Meditation and yoga are advised to settle your systems down.

Those who are experiencing or suffering from respiratory troubles should not ignore it and are advised to take medications or see a doctor for the same. Generally 2017 appears to be a good year with a few possibilities of minor accidents and which if careful can be avoided.

Planetary Positions
There are two planets causing you enormous stress and two planets bringing you peace and quiet etude the 6th house, which is the House of your Health is empty and the typical tendency is to ignore it.

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Pluto and Saturn both, known for their transformational skills are changing you completely.

This transformation also requires washing away of the toxins and all the waste material that had been stored in your body. Go for detoxifications and washing away of all waste materials from body. There could be surgeries involved this year.

But there should not be anything to worry about. Just keep in mind that the surgery should be done as the last resort, though in your quest for a new you many people could also be opting for cosmetic surgeries.

Under the influence of Saturn, those who are overweight or underweight will get to their correct proportions and will lead you to towards health and therapeutic healing and will practice Reiki or pranic healing kind of meditational healing techniques.

Saturn will also show you your limitation when it comes to physical energy and you will take up cudgels to rectify it.  Saturn being positioned in your sign also does the good job of pushing you for a regular exercise or work out regime or routine.

Pluto your health planet has been positioned in Sagittarius and that gives off a very spiritual and philosophical view towards healing. This is the positioning of planets which makes you realize that every organ or activity is fine tuned and it requires greater synergy. The understanding of this is indeed platonic. Since good health does not last forever, therefore treasure it this year.

Diet Suggestions
Since this year you are changing, the emphasis is on getting a healthier lifestyle. Avoid over eating and binging on junk foods, colas and other fattening items. Wash away the toxicity and eat oats or muesli. Also take fiber rich foods and lots of green vegetables along with fruit juices to flush away the toxins.