• January – Treading with caution should be your mantra to fare through this month both in personal and professional front. Boost your motivation to keep going as you may not feel full of energy and spirit. Keep expectations low and bite only as much as you can chew.


    • February – Expect a sudden dip in energy and health. An early precaution would help to avoid health hazards. Learn to control your tongue since chances of arguments are high especially with your extended family. Rise in income is on the cards.


    • March – This month, the focus is on career. Expect to be put in a position of respect and authority. You shall be treated favorably by superiors. It would also be a good month financially. Travel may bring further gain.


    • April – Overall, it would be a rewarding month as everything begins to look up. Professionally the rise in graph that began in March would continue bringing you power, prestige and monetary gains. A good month to socialize with family and friends.


    • May – The favorable period would continue as long as you can avoid getting into a tiff with the authorities. Focus will be on friends and family, and this will bring peace and happiness. Try to keep a check on rising expenses.


    • June – Try to slow down as health will not permit too much of activity. A check on your diet may help you stay in better shape. Chances of getting involved in controversies remain. You shall be in a competitive mood trying to achieve more than the rest.



    • July – July will be abuzz with activities. Try not to be too judgmental about people around. Keep your calm even when faced with challenging situations. Think before you speak so as not to offend a loved one.


    • August – Exploring new areas is likely to bring profit and prospect. Things begin to look up and meeting with new people may help to spread your network. Try taking time off to have fun with family and friends.


    • September – You will be full of positivity and optimism and this will reflect in your attitude. Hard work will be rewarded as improvement in communication skills would help to promote your ideas and actions. It is a good month to make financial investments.


    • October – Try to concentrate on family and resolve any issues that have been causing troubles. Be patient, level headed and do not let ego come in between. Look forward to reaping rewards from investments that you made in the previous few months.


    • November – Health and career will give least causes to worry. Support of superiors would continue making progress at work smooth sailing. Gains from investments are also likely to continue. What would need care and attention is relationships with family and friends.


    • December – Overcome opposition to your actions and ideas with smart communication skills. Avoid being aggressive or overpowering. High time to smoothen up any ruffles with partner. Career will demand full concentration and eat up all your time.


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