Health is the pivot around which all the other aspects of a person’s life revolve. If your zest and zeal dwindle, then it becomes difficult for you to manage anything that may come your way.

We at 123NewYear attempt to provide you a guideline from the astrological point of view so as to make you informed about the twists and turns that you may have to face in the health sphere of your life.

We all know that informed decisions are the best, and that is exactly what we are trying to help you achieve.

Here is a compact yet comprehensive analysis of Health Horoscope of the 12 sun signs for the year 2016 –

    • Aries – The year will not see you in the best of health and cheer unfortunately. Your overall immunity would be low and consequently you shall always feel that you are low on energy. Low immunity level would enable infections to get the better of you easily. This is also the year when your chronic ailments may bother you on and off.


    • Taurus – Taurus health predictions speak of a year when the condition of the health of the natives would be directly proportional to the kind of lifestyle they lead. If you get too attracted by the worldly pleasures, then it may take a serious toll upon your health; especially because of the fact that indications on the cards warn of stomach related problems.


Health Horoscope 2016
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    • Gemini – Over active and stressful lifestyle has always played havoc with a person’s health. Advancement in other sectors of life is undeniably important, but never at the cost of your health. Indications on the card warn of cardiac troubles and also problems with your bones and joints. Proper exercise and regimented lifestyle may help to heal.


    • Cancer – The year 2016 may not find the Cancer born natives in the pinnacle of health. Right from the beginning of the year the natives would feel discord in their health. It is recommended that you do not sit on it. It is suggested that you seek professional medical advice at the very onset to avoid more serious health problems. Your digestive system would bother you the most, and as such it is recommended that you lead a routine life.


    • Leo – When speaking about health of the Leo born natives, the year 2016 can actually be divided into two parts. The first part of the year would prove to be little cumbersome in the health sphere. Fortunately there would not be any major problem. But repeated minor issues would also make you feel uneasy and unhappy. The situation would change for the better in the second half.


    • Virgo – The year will see you in good health condition if you can control your urge to overwork and overstress yourself. It is recommended that you take breaks when you can so that you can to revive and rejuvenate. The indications on the card speak of circulation and respiration related problems.


    • Libra – The year would not pose any major health challenge for the Libra born natives. However the elderly Librans may suffer from joint and bone related problems. Apart from that the other factor that needs you to be careful about is the fact that you shall be accident prone during the course of the year.


    • Scorpio – The year would be healthy and happy for Scorpio born natives if you can maintain healthy habits and regularized lifestyle. However if you fail to do so then you may have to suffer from lifestyle related diseases like hypertension and diabetes.


    • Sagittarius – The beginning of the year may find you in a lethargic state, and this may continue for a while. Because of this low energy level you may also suffer from mood swings. This may also take toll on your overall health and immunity. You may suffer from chronic problems.


    • Capricorn – The year 2016 will not bother you with any major health relate problem. However, if you are a female Capricorn you should be particularly careful, for you may suffer from gynecological or hormonal related problems. Capricorns in general may be prone to infections during the course of the year.


    • Aquarius – The year 2016 would be a trouble free one for Aquarius born natives as far as health related issues are concerned; unless of course you consider common cold or cough or even flu to be a major setback upon your health.


    • Pisces – Pisces born natives should take some active measures to boost immunity. It may be by leading a healthy life and embracing a routine of yoga or any other form of exercise. This is because of the fact that the indications on the card shows that otherwise you may suffer from minor health issues on and off.