Astral patterns have a significant influence on human fate. Horoscope 2016 aims at providing yearly predictions depending on Zodiac signs.


You shall reap great results in 2016 if they cultivate patience. You shall be in the mood to reach out to people and touch lives with kindness and compassion.

Career wise, they would be handed over more responsibilities and higher position. At the personal front, dear ones will provide help, peace and comfort. It is a good year for considering long term commitments. Acquisition of new property or making a new investment would prove beneficial. Travel is on the cards. Blessed with energy and stamina, they would be at their communicative best making new friends and enjoying a pleasurable phase of their life.


You shall be at your energetic and assertive best in 2016 feeling confident and resourceful to handle any challenges that may come in their way. They will handle finances with thorough insight to achieve desired results. Emotions and passions will play significant role. Just remember not to over-exert since it may cause premature exhaustion.

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You shall have their dreams and aspirations fulfilled in 2016. Travelling is indicated on the cards. Try to maintain harmony and peace at home. Marriage plans should get postponed for a while. It is good to resort to advice from friends and superiors, but should be relied upon after careful consideration of pros and cons. Health will not give much trouble. Professional success is bound to happen if limitations are overcome.


You shall have an exciting and thrilling 2016 as they achieve new heights in their career which will keep them busy but satisfied. A job change is indicated. It would be best to take advantage of these favorable times to invest intelligently and futuristically. Elders in the family may offer good advice and help you to sort out hesitations clouding clarity of thought. Bonding with your loved one will bring solace.


You shall face many positive changes in the upcoming year. The trick is to go with the flow and take things without feeling pressurized. Romance is strongly indicated on the cards, and so is travelling to exotic places with the loved one. Success in the work front will be monetarily rewarding too. Meditation and Yoga will help to steady the nerves and help to keep up with the fast pace.

Horoscope 2016

Horoscope 2016


You shall be blessed this year with insight for better understanding what their innate desires and wants are. This will lead to some changes in their lives as they aspire to solve the problems of the bygone year. There may be some minor tiffs in the family. But romance would be fulfilling as they may find themselves in stable relationships. Networking with people in the right positions may boost career. A good year overall in which their talent and efforts will be valued by people around them.


You will find 2016 to be a year full of opportunities to explore. It is best not to let pessimism mar your ability to act. Taking care of health will ensure that they are not held back from achieving their full potential due to health issues. Romance may cause heart-ache later if not dealt with care from the onset. If they learn to control temper and prioritize works in hand, Lady Luck will take care of the rest.


You should learn to relax and slow the pace this year to minimize the feeling of being challenged by people around you. It would be advisable to commit to as much as can be humanely achieved. Urges of spending spree should be negated – expenditure of any kind should be done only after careful and practical analysis of the requirement.


You shall be full of energy and enthusiasm in the year 2016. They will be sensitive to the needs and wants of their loved ones and their thoughtfulness will be rewarded with love and comfort in return. It is a good year for romance to bloom and for steady relationships to culminate in to marriage. Career front will also tempt them with plethora of opportunities – but should be considered with utmost care before making any changes. Indulging in luxuries is also high in probability list as there are indications of considerable inflow of funds.


You will learn to get hold of their life and stabilize it as 2016 reconnects them with their inner self. In the work front they may need to make some adjustments to synchronize their achievable goals with creative passion. This may make them feel a little restless and unsure. As such, it is advised that they space out any important professional or financial decision. It is best to be open to new opportunities, but act only when absolutely sure. A strong and stable relationship with partner will help to smooth any ruffles and make them find solace and comfort.


You shall experience a calm and quiet 2016 which may border around solitude even. This would give them ample scope and opportunity to reconnect with who they actually are and what they exactly want out of life. This reflection and the support and cooperation of their loved ones will enable them to make positive and important changes in life.


2016 would be a year of surprises, some pleasant and some not so pleasant. Business will be steady, though may not show a rising graph. Health is not likely to cause much trouble this year. Personal relationships will require attention as it is high time they are nurtured with tender loving care. Family support will be a cause of strength and motivation. Perhaps, it would be the best time to consider making some changes that would be inspiring enough to take all the challenges to their stride and emerge as winners.