2016 will be a year of varied results when it comes to the career of those who are Leos and it might start with some problems that would delay the decision to take the right path when it is required.

Those who had been contemplating making an entire new beginning might be waiting for quite some time to get the green light from the authoritative people, which might leave you feeling angry and frustrated. During the second part of the year the key business developments and expansions should be planned and not before then, while the students will need to give a bit more effort than normal to get the results that they want.

If you are in service, then you might experience some major change in your work place and would need some time in order to adapt before working on various achievements and some Leos might be transferred, while because of changes in the organization, promotions and increments might be delayed for some. When you speak, use diplomatic language and have a friendly approach that will allow you to have the best vibes with everyone.

Planetary Positions:

In January, Planet Venus will be in the tenth house but in a backseat mode, and this will cause delays and even make you feel unsure about exactly what you are looking for. You might also lose the complete clarity when it comes to focusing on how to achieve your target. This is time period where you should make sure to navigate your way carefully. You should just wait patiently and wait for this time period to pass by before making any serious decisions.

Planet Uranus will come into your chart in February until March and this will create allow you to be stimulated when it comes to intelligence and even create growth. The cards also indicate that you will travel, which is applicable for both students and professionals. This would also be one of the exciting phases of the year and you will expand further in your line of work.

After March, Planet Mars will take control and this will bring on some aggressive initiatives. This is the best time to start any expansions that have been brewing in your mind and the perfect time to make any new beginnings, including starting a business venture, changing your job and other related items. During this time you will undertake some traveling as well.

Favored Professions:

Business and Financial Services, Information Technology, Banking and Finances.
For you, this year will be busy and you will find success after putting in plenty of effort, but it is definitely better to reap the rewards after you have put the time and effort into them. However, you will have some important projects that you will be required to handle and you might need some time to come up with strategies, but you will be able to execute and handle the project with ease. The efforts that you put into this project won’t go unnoticed and this will be a good year for you in terms of financial gain. Your investments along with some incentives will bring you some returns that are unexpected and make sure that you are communicating clearly and cordially with your fellow workers.

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