The Financial Horoscope of the people born under the sun sign Leo for the year 2016 shows a curious pattern. This is the year when how you fare financially would largely depend on how you deal with the money you have and the money you shall have.


This is the year when you shall learn to exert self control when it comes to money – yes there would be temptations all the way, but you should know how to overcome them. This is also the year when you shall be able to mint money from your creative ventures.

Also your instinct would be highly effective so as to guide you to proper investments that would bring you hefty returns. There would be enough inflow of funds. Now the trick that you need to master is to keep the money you shall earn instead of spending frivolously.

Planetary Positions:

From the astrological point of view the eighth house of the natal chart of any native is considered to be the factor that determines how lucrative the time would prove to be for natives born under that particular sun sign. Now in this year the eighth house of the natal chart of the Leo born natives would be ruled by the Planet Neptune that takes a position in Pisces. Now Planet Neptune is the one who is attributed to bless the natives with the virtue of creativity. As such, this is the year when if Leo wants, Leo can put his/ her mind to generate money in a creative way. This is also a year when you shall have some income from sources other than your profession – money may for example come from investments made in the past or from inheritances on in the form of gifts.

Professions that may bring you more money:

As a Leo born native you have been blessed with a charming and pleasing personality which is often even considered charismatic by many people. Naturally you have the innate ability to attract people to follow your lead. Consequently you are blessed with spontaneous leadership abilities. You are always enthusiastic to accept new challenges. You are always eager to march on with a project that pleases your heart. However you also have some contradicting traits embedded in you. By nature you are a rebellious person. Also you do not like being challenged with opposing views or opinion. Many people as such think you to be very dominating. You are also often labeled as a very restless person. Since you like to be in the position where you can boss people (as opposed to taking orders from someone else), you thrive well in self employment positions – your leadership skills make you an excellent entrepreneur. During this year Leo born natives who are into administrative jobs or are doctors or lawyers would enjoy being in a more lucrative position.

Financial Horoscope 2016

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