People born under the sun sign Leo are by nature charged up and excited about life in general. You shall never attach much importance to health issues as long as things do not get out of control. However, remember that – “A stitch in time saves nine”.


You should try to connect with your subconscious and learn to read the signals your body sends. These are the first alerts to gauge the condition of your health. You have a robust constitution but your spinal system is supple. The first half of the year may make you suffer from some headaches or joint inflammations and pains.

You may also get troubled by back pain, especially in the upper part of your back. If you are an athlete, sports person or a dancer, you should also be conscious about muscle pulls and strains. The second half of the year may cause some concerns to those Leos who have cardiac problems.

Female Leos may also be bugged by issues relating to their uterus or ovaries. Try not to over strain yourself. Control your indulgences, especially in what you put in your mouth. The good news is that none of the afore mentioned troubles will take a very serious turn.

Planetary Positions:

Ruler of sun sign Leo is the Sun. The Sun generally blesses Leos with health and vitality, and the strength to combat illnesses. In the year 2016 another Planet that would cast a strong influence on the sixth house of Leo, the house responsible for health and wellness, is Planet Pluto. Pluto in general is all about regeneration and healing. Pluto in combination with a Fire Sign makes even the impossible attainable. As such, Pluto blessing your health implies that you should be able to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

Diet Suggestions:

As mentioned earlier, it is essential for Leos to curb their foodie indulgences. You should eat properly and be very conscious about what you are putting in your mouth. Staying away from fatty or junk food is highly recommended. Food rich in Iron would help in blood circulation and also prevent anemia. Such food includes bananas, fig, spinach, dates etc. Intake of Vitamin enriched fruits will help to restrain cardiac problems. For the proper functioning of your motor nerves it is recommended that you take food that are rich in magnesium phosphate, example – egg yolks, rice, apples, lemon etc.

Leo being a Fire sign has been blessed with natural power to ward off diseases and combat infections. Fire also helps with metabolism and digestion. However, Fire also has the tendency to get burned out and exhausted due to overwork or over excitement. Also Leo has a very indulgent personality who likes to enjoy the boons of worldly pleasures, sometimes crossing the limits of control. This tendency should be curbed for the betterment of their health and wellness.

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