Leo Love Horoscope 2016 is all about getting royal treatment and a super adventurous liaison. Leo loves attention. Leo loves spotlight. Leo loves to get all the love demonstratively showered.

Leo Love Horoscope 2016 promises you just that, therefore the year would make you feel contented as far as your love life is concerned.

However, you should also remember that all that you crave for is also something that your partner wants, whether she/ he expressly mentions it or not – so instead of only enjoying all the attention, you should also give your mate time and attention. Remember adoration will bring you more pampering in return.

Positions of Planets/ Stars:

The year 2016 would see a very positive astral pattern in the relationship house of the natal chart of the Leo born natives. During the first half of the year, this house would be blessed by the dual effect of Planet Venus, the Goddess of Love, and Jupiter, the Planet that brings luck. Together they would ensure that the Leo born natives would find happiness and contentment in love. If you are a Leo who is still single, this is the time when there are high chances that you shall meet the love of your life. This is also a good time for romantic vacations that would strengthen your bonding with your mate.

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In the second half of the year the Planet that would take over this sector of your natal chart is Planet Saturn. Saturn blesses a person with sincerity and stability. As such, this is the time when you should consider long term commitments including marriage.

Astrological Compatibility and Incompatibility:

Leo likes to charm people, and that may not get limited to their partners often. This does not mean however, that, Leo born natives are unfaithful towards their partner. It is just that they like to be appreciated and admired by all and sundry. So if you want a Leo mate you really cannot be overtly possessive about your partner. Leo also enjoys the worldly pleasures, sometimes even forgets the limits while doing so. But the good side to it is that if you have a Leo mate chances are that you too shall be a part of that pampered lifestyle. But when it comes to drawing the line it is perhaps you who has to take up that responsibility. However, this should be done in a subtle way, for a Leo never likes to be told what to do. Your Leo partner would like to believe that she/he wears the pants in the relationship. Also, a Leo feels easily dejected if you are not demonstrative about the love and affection you have for your partner. Be prepared to be vocal about your love if you want to see your Leo mate happy.

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