• January – You shall feel lethargic. Perhaps there has been a lot of indulgence in the past few days. It is time you organized yourself and got back to routine. Self discipline is the need of the hour.



    • February – This month you may have to play the role of Agony Aunt for a friend. However you should not let the experience exhaust you emotionally.


    • March – This month the focus is on your work. You need to be creative and better than the others to be able to make your stand.


    • April – This is the time when you seek deeper understanding. You are ready to let go. You are in a forgiving and benevolent mood. This lightens up your heart considerably, and you fall in love.


    • May – There are a lot of responsibilities piling up both at home and at work. You feel tired. Create a list of chores as per priority and take things one at a time.


    • June – Your income will increase, and you may get tempted to indulge in luxuries that your heart craves for. However, you should know where to draw the line.


    • July – You have given your best shot, and you are now waiting for recognition. This is a time when naturally you feel anxious and restless. You may find composure in meditation.


    • August – This month you shall make progress in your professional sphere in a degree that was beyond your expectations. This is also the time when new opportunities will come your way. It is not that you have been seeking change. But this is a good time to grab a better opportunity.


    • September – This month it is time to devote to your family. You may be called upon to settle a family dispute. It is recommended that you remain impartial and a moderator.


    • October – This is the month when you should concentrate on organizing the financial aspect of your life. Consider if you have been going overboard on stuff that are not that essential. Figure out where you could cut corners. This would be a good time to invest for future benefits.


    • November – This month Leo born natives would enjoy love in the air. This is a time when you shall be able to look beyond your needs and desires. Naturally this means that you shall come across as a very understanding partner for your mate. This also an auspicious time for you to enter long term personal partnerships.


    • December – During this year you have grown a lot from within – you have had learning experiences that have shaped your life and provided it and you with a new perspective. As the year comes to an end, you are in a mood to delve deep within to come to terms with the perspectives you had and those that you learnt.


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