This is an extremely important year for Libras regarding their career, so make sure to not allow your mood swings or even your whims. Make sure to tread with extreme care and you might face a hiatus period in your business, but ensure that you understand how important it is to save money when you have extra cash.

You might be focused on the detail a bit too much this year and you will need to take a break or else it will put too much stress on you. If you are feeling like taking a sabbatical or a break for your job, make sure to do this after you have thought about it properly. Also, if you are looking to change your job, then you will be able to find what you are looking for without any problems.

However, this isn’t the same for those who are thinking about starting up a business and you will travel for business, but nothing will happen right away. You might be required to relocate due to professional needs, but this will only help your career grow.

Don’t get frustrated by the laid back demeanor of those around you and you might even feel dissatisfied with how the hierarch functions at your work place. Don’t try to change anything or else you might be completely misunderstood. This will only be an average year for the students and they might not be able to achieve as much as they desire or expect to.

Planetary Positions:

Planet Neptune will strongly influence the sixth house this year, which is the house that is in charge of career. This might see you being laid back and even thoughtful and you might even take on the attitude of being easy going. However, you will also postpone things, which will cause delays in the deadlines and cause problems in your schedule. Keep up the confidence and be optimistic, but make sure to work as a team if you want to be successful.

The Moon will also have a heavy influence on your career in 2016 and the moon reigns over feelings and emotions, which will allow you to passionately pursue what you want to do as your career. This will also give you the required energy that will allow you to boost up your potential as far as it can go. The moon is also over expression of your feelings and creativity, which means if you have free will at your office, then you will grow and flourish in ways that you never imagined. However, this will also leave you as being flexible and fickle, so make sure to stick to the plans you make and push towards your goals to achieve them. The moon’s influence will also bring you popularity and fame.

Favored Professions:

Medical Professionals, Sports Personnel, Social and Government Workers
2016 will bring many changes in the career profile of those who are born during this time and you will initially feel overwhelmed and anxious. However, as you settle into the job, then you will find that everything changed as it should have and you will be able to follow the new path that you have found to success.

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