Before we delve deeper into Libra Health Horoscope 2016, let us remind Libra born natives a few factors – you should not allow health set back to conquer your spirit in any way.


In your spirits you should be positive – this positivity would help to heal many ailments faster along with proper medical intervention.

Now coming to your health, the cards indicate a year that would have its fair share of ups and downs in the health segment. You should be aware of the signs and signals that your body may try to send you. Responding to the needs of your body is often the best precaution and prevention that you may be able to provide to yourself. The good news is that you would not be bogged down my any major illness.

However, if you do not treat the minor ones in time, they can blow out of proportions. To nip any trouble in the bud, it is recommended that you go for regular health monitoring by experienced physician. Chronic ailments may bother you on and off. Working Libra born natives may have some trouble with aches and pains, especially in the spinal cord area.

Elderly Libra born natives may face some trouble with their urino genital system. They may also need some help in the orthopedic section. It is recommended that you lead a routine lifestyle and master a great control over the sweet indulgences of life.

Planetary Positions:

Libra born people are blessed by Planet Venus who is considered to be the Ruling Planet for these natives. It is because of this that the Libra born natives are blessed with an attractive form. However, during the course of 2016, Planet Venus takes such a position in the natal chart of the Libra born natives that these people would fall prey to troubles with their skeletal system in the form of aches and pains in the joints and bones. Some of you may even hurt your bones. The other celestial body that would cast an influence on the health sector of your natal chart during this year is Rahu. Rahu tempts a native with indulgences. This is something that you would have to master control on. You have to learn where to draw the line.

Diet Suggestions:

During this year, for the good health of the Libra born natives it would be highly essential to balance the right amount of nutrients and minerals in the body. This would also help in the proper functioning of all the systems of the body. For this purpose it is recommended that you have a balanced diet that has adequate amount of essential elements. You should concentrate on striking the right pH balance in the body. For this purpose, and also for the purpose of excreting toxins from the body, it is recommended that you have plenty of water and other organic drinks like fresh juices.

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