• January – January opens up opportunities galore as you explore new avenues to promote your work and ideas. Brushing up communication skills and reaching out to more and more people will prove beneficial. Family and friends would bring happiness. New vehicle or gadget may be purchased.




    • February – Promotion at work is on the cards, but that means added responsibilities and pressures too. Efforts will be rewarded with appreciation. A good time to make a smart investment move. Try to avoid direct confrontation with family and friends.


    • March – Try to find inner peace as conflict within yourself may distract your attention from what should be focused on. A sudden financial gain from an older investment is on the cards. Support from friends and colleagues would help to achieve target.


    • April – Concentrate on work as this month will see a sharp rise in career graph if adequate attempt is made. This does not mean that there shall be no challenges. However, favorable conditions will help to cross all hurdles. Avoid conflict with partner.


    • May – Lying low will the best way to combat the challenges this month. You are not at your communicative best. This may give rise to misunderstandings both at work and personal front. Try not to lose temper or show aggression.


    • June – The trick to sail through this month is to lie low in the first half and resurface with vigor in the later half. Keeping a check on your ego will help you to avoid hurting near ones. A rise in income is likely.


    • July – The focus this month will be on spirituality and religion. Travel will bring monetary gain as well as mental peace. You will be able to take full charge at work since you shall receive support and cooperation from colleagues and superiors.


    • August – Career will be on all time high and financial gain is also on cards. You shall also be at your outgoing best. Friends and family will bring pleasure and happiness. A very good period for all round happiness and prosperity.


    • September – A good month to make overall progress as energy level and stamina will be on the rise. A whirlwind of activities at the work front coupled with social engagements will make this a busy month. Expenses will be high, but inflow of finances will balance it out.


    • October – Too many activities from last month may wean away much energy leading to exhaustion. It is best to steer clear from arguments with influential people. Keep your temper at bay as you compete with your peers to maximize benefits.


    • November – Treat people with care and caution and think before speaking so as not to turn them against you. Try to get some rest as the high tides of activities continue this month. Family, especially children, would bring happiness.


    • December – Exploring new avenues will prove beneficial in the long term. Take care of your health in general and dental health in particular. Meeting new people may open up plethora of opportunities. Spending time with family will strengthen bonds.


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