Love Horoscope 2016 gives you a complete scenario about your love life in 2016. We at 123NewYear aim at helping you design your Love Life according to your wish.

For that purpose it would be beneficial for you if you abided by the configuration of the stars in your natal chart. This would provide you the knowledge of what may come your way during a particular period of time; and thus enable and empower you to make the right choices according to the needs of the hour.

This also helps you to know the state of your mind and give you an idea of your thought process in a particular period of time. Personal life is a very important aspect and happiness on love life adds up to a complete happy frame of mind. This is exactly what we at 123NEwYear wish for you in each and every year.

Here is a compact yet comprehensive analysis of Love Horoscope of the 12 sun signs for the year 2016 –

    • Aries – This is the time when you shall be in a happy go lucky frame of mind. You want a lot of fun; and do not shrink from flirting and being frivolous too. But you should remember that such attitude would not bring your way any sincere long standing relationship.
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    • Taurus – Taurus will be pleasantly surprised in their love life in the year 2016. You are by nature a private person. But during this year you shall open up a lot, and this improved communication skill would improve your connection with your romantic partner.


    • Gemini – This year the Gemini born natives shall be able to overcome the duality of nature. This would help you to take a decision and stand by it. As a result, this is the year when you shall experience fulfillment in love. This is a year to establish long term romantic relationship.


    • Cancer – This is the year when you shall have to fight to find time for romance. This is because of the fact that your professional and personal responsibilities would demand a lot from you as is, and you shall be left with very little time or energy for romance. It is suggested that you take a romantic vacation to make up for all the lost time and moments.


    • Leo – In 2016, Leo born natives should learn to look beyond themselves if they wish to have a fulfilling romantic life. Attending to the needs and wants of your partner would help you to strengthen your bond.


    • Virgo – The year 2016 would be a fulfilling one in the arena of romance for the Virgo born natives. This is the time when you should consider getting into a committed love relationship. The only factor that you should keep in mind is to control your sharp tongue in moments of arguments to help the relationship flourish.


    • Libra – There is a chance that you shall have to give a little extra effort for making your love life flourish. You shall have to understand the needs and wants of your partner instead of being rigid about getting only what you want.


    • Scorpio – Scorpio born natives would have a flourishing love life in the year 2016 if they can keep their possessiveness under control. You should remember that every person and even a relationship needs faith and space to thrive, and if you want fulfillment out of a relationship, then you shall have to give it that trust and space.


    • Sagittarius – This year when it is advised for the Sagittarians born natives to get proactive about their love life. If someone catches your fancy you should give the person a try – a chance should not go out of your hand just for the want of asking.


    • Capricorn – Capricorns will have to try to keep boredom at bay from their love life. Capricorn born natives want their partners to understand a lot without having to communicate. This is not always possible. You should realize that and come forward in spelling out what you want from your partner. a little adventure in romance would help to keep the spark alive.


    • Aquarius – The year 2016 would bring romance from unexpected quarters – an old friend, a colleague or perhaps even an old flame. The trick is to weigh the merits of the liaison before jumping into the waters. Remember it is better to look before you take the plunge.


    • Pisces – You perhaps need to be a little more innovate and independent when it comes to your love life. Being innovative would help you ward off monotony in romance, while being independent (as opposed to clingy) would provide your partner and consequently your relationship a breathing space to thrive well.