Get a May 2016 Calendar with holidays and you will see quite a few important events or festival falling on several days of the month.

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1Spring Day (Estonia)Mother’s Day (Portugal)May Day (Around the world) 2Labor Day (Dominican Republic)Early May Bank Holiday (United Kingdom)Reunification Day Holiday (Vietnam) 3Constitution Memorial Day (Japan)Constitution Day (Poland) 4Greenery Day (in Lieu) (Japan)Declaration of Independence Day (Latvia)National Remembrance Day (Netherlands) 5Lailat al Miraj (Islamic)Ascension of Jesus (Christian)Yom Hashoah (Jewish) 6Ascension Friday (Belgium)St Georges Day (Army Day) (Bulgaria)The Friday after Ascension Day (Sweden) 7Hari Hol Sultan of Pahang (Malaysia – regional)
8Mothers Day (Australia)Liberation Day Czech Republic (Czech Republic)Parashurama Jayanti (Hindu) 9Akshaya Tritiya (Hindu)Ascension Day (Colombia) 10Commemoration Day (Belarus) 11Yom Hazikaron (Jewish) 12Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Jewish) 13King’s Birthday (Cambodia) 14Buddhas Birthday (Macau)
15Pentecost (Christian)Wesak – Buddha Day (Buddhist)Independence Day (Paraguay) 16Whit Monday (Around the world) 17Constitution Day (Norway) 18Battle of Las Piedras (Uruguay) 19Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day (Turkey) 20Full Moon Day of Kasong (Myanmar) 21Visak Bochea Day (Cambodia)Navy Day (Chile)Independence Day (Montenegro)
22The Buddhas Birthday (Indonesia)Independence Day (2nd Day) (Montenegro)Unification Day (Yemen) 23Shab e-Barat (Bangladesh)Bridge holiday (Bulgaria)Labour Day (Jamaica) 24Culture and Literacy Day (Bulgaria)Royal Plowing Ceremony (Cambodia)Anniversary of the Battle of Pichincha (Ecuador) 25African Unity Day (Ghana)Independence Day (Jordan)Resistance and Liberation Day (Lebanon) 26Corpus Christi (Christian)Lag B’Omer (Jewish) 27Childrens Day (Nigeria) 28
29Democracy Day (Nigeria) 30Republic Day (Azerbaijan)Harvest Festival (Malaysia – regional)Spring Bank Holiday (United Kingdom) 31Royal Brunei Armed Forces Day (Brunei)Castilla-La Mancha (Spain – regional)        


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May 2016 Holidays

May 01
Spring Day (Estonia)
Mother’s Day (Portugal)
May Day(Around the World)

May 02
Labor Day (Dominican Republic)
Early May Bank Holiday (United Kingdom)
Reunification Day Holiday (Vietnam)

May 03
Constitution Memorial Day (Japan)
Constitution Day (Poland)

May 04
Greenery Day (in Lieu) (Japan)
Declaration of Independence Day (Latvia)
National Remembrance Day (Netherlands)
May 05
Lailat al Miraj (Islamic)
Ascension of Jesus (Christian)
Yom Hashoah (Jewish)
May 06
Ascension Friday (Belgium)
St Georges Day (Army Day) (Bulgaria)
The Friday after Ascension Day (Sweden)
May 07
Hari Hol Sultan of Pahang (Malaysia - regional)
May 08
Mothers Day (Australia)
Liberation Day Czech Republic (Czech Republic)
Parashurama Jayanti (Hindu)
May 09
Akshaya Tritiya (Hindu)
May 10
Commemoration Day (Belarus)
May 11
Yom Hazikaron (Jewish)
May 12
Yom Ha'Atzmaut (Jewish)
May 13
King's Birthday (Cambodia)
May 14
Buddhas Birthday (Macau)
May 15
Pentecost (Christian)
Wesak - Buddha Day (Buddhist)
Independence Day (Paraguay)
May 16
Whit Monday (Around the world)
May 17
Constitution Day (Norway)
May 19
Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day (Turkey)
May 20
Full Moon Day of Kasong (Myanmar)
May 21
Visak Bochea Day (Cambodia)
Navy Day (Chile)
Independence Day (Montenegro)
May 22
The Buddhas Birthday (Indonesia)
Independence Day (2nd Day) (Montenegro)
Unification Day (Yemen)
May 23
Shab e-Barat (Bangladesh)
Bridge holiday (Bulgaria)
Labour Day (Jamaica)
May 24
Culture and Literacy Day (Bulgaria)
Royal Plowing Ceremony (Cambodia)
Anniversary of the Battle of Pichincha (Ecuador)
May 25
African Unity Day (Ghana)
Independence Day (Jordan)
Resistance and Liberation Day (Lebanon)
May 26
Corpus Christi (Christian)
Lag B'Omer (Jewish)
May 27
Childrens Day (Nigeria)
May 29
Democracy Day (Nigeria)
May 30
Republic Day (Azerbaijan)
Harvest Festival (Malaysia - regional)
Spring Bank Holiday (United Kingdom)
May 31
Royal Brunei Armed Forces Day (Brunei)
Castilla-La Mancha (Spain - regional)