Meru Trayodashi is one of the most important and auspicious festivals which is celebrated by the Jains, who are one of the most ancient, reformist and liberal religions. Jainism taught its followers and devotees to lead a life without harming any living being. Jainism taught its devotees to renounce certain aspects of life to achieve salvation.

  • When is next Meru Trayodashi?

In 2019, this auspicious occasion will be celebrated on the 2nd of February, Saturday.

  • What is Meru Trayodashi?

Meru Trayodashi is an observance which is observed on the auspicious occasion of the attainment of Niravana of the first Tirthankar of the Jain religion. The first Tirthankar of the Jain religion was Rishav Dev who had attained Nirvana or the ultimate salvation on this day. The holy place where he attained Nirvana was the “Ashtapad Mountain” and this occasion is also known as the Nirvan Kalyanaka.

  • How is the Meru Trayodashi celebrated?

Meru Trayodashi is a joyous occasion rejoicing the achievement of salvation by the first Tirthankar.  The devotee observing this fast has to continue to fast with Pausadh for 13 years and 13 months every year commemorating this auspicious day. The disciple also has to make 5 merus and has to do a jap of Aum Rhim Shrim Adinath Parangataya Namh. It is believed that by this way a devotee can get the blessings of Pingal Kumar and yield sweet success of his life.