Monthly Horoscope 2016 helps to interpret how the changing position of the celestial bodies during the course of each month of the year would affect the life of the natives of each of the twelve zodiac signs.

During each month of the year, the various aspects of life of the people have been taken into consideration in keeping with the natal chart of each of the sun sings.

    • Aries: The month will pass fairly well if you can take care of your health. Professional life would pose no challenge. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about your home front where the cards indicate chances of conflict with someone elderly. You should try to maintain a composed demeanor and also keep control on your words. Also you may have to spend some money for the treatment of someone in the family. Romance would bloom, and wedding bells too may ring for some Aries born natives.


    • Taurus: The month will bring you prosperity manifold. Perhaps there is a dividend that you have been waiting for, or an investment that was supposed to bring you returns, or some inheritance that would come upon you. This is astrologically speaking an ideal time to make investments and also to buy property, movable or immovable. Travel is on the cards, but mostly for professional requirements.


Monthly Horoscope 2016

Aries Taurus Gemini
Cancer Leo Virgo
Libra Scorpio Sagittarius
Capricorn Aquarius Pisces




    • Gemini: This month you should keep your temper under control. If you can manage to do so everything else would fall in place. If not then a lot of things may get jeopardized. This is the time when you should not aim too high – instead you should try to prepare yourself so that you can take up bigger challenges in the future. Prospects may shine in distant lands and students and professionals alike may get a call to explore overseas.


    • Cancer: The month you may feel you are on the top of the world. Your health shall be at its best. Your family would pose a picture of perfection. You shall see a lot of your professional endeavors seeing the light of success. Along with that however you shall have to travel a lot – in fact you may have to live out of the suitcase during this month – and this would further enable you to network at professional level with authoritative and influential people/


    • Leo: This month it is not the time to act fast. This is the time when you should plan your moves. Delve deep into your mind and find out what you want out of life in the long run and where your life is headed at the moment. Now figure out the next course of actions that would enable you to touch your goals. You may consider reaching out to friends and family for help and suggestions.


    • Virgo: This month your hard work would see lights of success, and this would definitely be a mood booster for you. Your work pressure would be manageable and this would leave room for you to tend to the responsibilities in the home front. Children and partner would bring you happiness. Financial investments or decisions are not recommended during this month. It is also suggested that you neither take a loan or give a loan at this time.


    • Libra: The month would be auspicious for new beginnings. There are a lot of projects that were in the pipeline, and you were probably getting a little tensed about their outcome. These will all start to take a shape during this time. This would mean that you shall have too much on your plate. This may make you feel anxious and overwhelmed. Breathe and take it easy – this astrologically auspicious time would stay with you for a while and you shall have ample scope to make all your dreams come true one by one.


    • Scorpio: This month will make you feel nostalgic and also emotional. This may be further triggered by the fact that you may come across some old letters or an old friend or flame. However, this should not hamper your course of work, for this month is auspicious for your professional and financial transactions; and such decisions should be taken in a serious frame of mind. Any slipshod attitude may create trouble in the long run.


    • Sagittarius: This is a month when your social calendar would be full. In fact there may be an occasion even in the family. However you may find it difficult to cope with the hullabaloo because of your health condition which would not be at its best during this time. It is recommended that you take things a little easy. There would also be a lot of expenditure during this time.


    • Capricorn: This month is a month of fulfilling your dreams and desires. If you have been waiting for a promotion or a hike in your work front, it would perhaps materialize now. There would be monetary gains from unexpected quarters. Financial speculations may also turn favorable during this time. This does not however mean that you shall take uncalculated risks and become reckless. Romance would bloom and family life would bring you happiness.


    • Aquarius: This is a month that would fire your wanderlust. You shall lead a life on wheels. The trips would be both for professional requirements and also for pleasure. However this is also the time when you should plan your strategies for your future – be it your professional advancements or financial forethoughts.


    • Pisces: This month you shall feel energetic and enthusiastic. You shall be prepared to take on all hurdles head on and combat them properly and do away with them once and for all. If there are any pending assignments from the past you shall accomplish it during this time. Many of you would be bold enough to take up endeavors of your own.