New Year brings with it special emotions and the 2016 New Year isn’t going to be anything other than spectacular. At least there is no harm in wishing so!

This doesn’t matter if you are a serious person or a fun loving, you won’t be able to get away from the excitement that grabs a hold of everyone when the New Year comes close.

This is a holiday is loved by all, despite religion or ethnicity, but everyone celebrates it in a different way, be it with huge fireworks shows or some great parties or some cozy family time.

In 2016, the New Year or otherwise known as January 1 is on Friday and everyone must have already started making their plans to have a long weekend.

You might head to your home and visit your family and friends or even party like you don’t care what happens tomorrow or even head out on that dream vacation that you have been planning for the entire year. The best part is that most countries have already declared the first day of January to be a public holiday, which means you can enjoy the long holiday without sacrificing your vacation time.

Everyone at 123NewYear is planning to make this New Year special. The team is making all the efforts to make the advent of 2016 a blast that lingers in your mind for years to come. We can help you with plenty of different party ideas, including the costume and menu planning and lots more, so that can help you to greet 2016 with élan. You can plan the entire year before it even starts by downloading some of the most beautiful calendars for the year and there are plenty of great wallpapers that you can download, which can give your gadget a new face lift.

Are you trying to pen down what you are thinking, but not being able to find the correct words? Well, then there are plenty of great messages, quotes and New Years wishes that you can use to send to everyone. These will give them a great and special feeling, which will help to start their 2016 off perfectly. For those who are interested in horoscopes or tarot, then we also have something for you with detailed and in-depth predictions about how you will fare during the upcoming year.

You will be able to focus on everything else to make the upcoming New Year special for everyone involved, especially since you won’t have to work so hard at planning everything! You can simply enjoy your celebrations and let everyone think that you worked harder than you did and bask in the praise that comes from your guests.


  • Reconnecting with Your Friends and Family:
  • The world is a busy one and it keeps us on our feet all day long and this often causes times when we are adrift from our family and friends, despite the desire to spend plenty of quality time bonding and talking with them. However, you can fix that during the special time of the year simply by filling their hearts with warmth and giving them the feeling of being wanted and that they are special to you. You can show that you love them in a myriad of different ways, including buying them thoughtful presents and cooking them their favorite meals. For those who are far away, make sure that you send them gifts or greetings in the form of cards to let them know you are thinking of them and love them.

  • Fun, Frolic, Responsibility:
  • The celebrations of the New Year would be incomplete without the festive activities and when you look at the various celebrations all over the globe you will see that feasting and fun is had everywhere. Also, during this time think about sharing what you have with those who might not have as much as you, including food, clothes and some everyday necessities to start their 2016 off right. You can give someone else a good start to their year with giving them these simple gifts, which might lead to something bigger, you never know!

  • Somber promises to be virtuous:
  • When you think about celebrating the New Year everyone thinks about what resolutions that they will make, regardless of whether or not they come true. However, for those who are prosaic, then 201t will be all about turning a new page in a chapter of their life and opening new books and exploring new avenues. This is the time plans are made with passion for a better life or to get that much closer to any dreams that they harbor. You should also think about spending some quality time with society’s specially challenged citizens to allow them to feel like they belong and that they are loved by someone other than their family or friends.

  • Celebrating New Year the Traditional Way:
  • January 1 is the date that has been adopted by most of the people all over the world, who celebrate the holiday with plenty of fun and zeal, but there are also some beautiful traditions that are followed all over the world. The customs and the time that these traditions are enjoyed can vary from locations all over the globe and the information about these celebrations, including the details that we believe should be known to help garner respect for the world’s traditions are listed. There are plenty of different variations of traditions that are based upon religious beliefs, culture and history.

    If you want to experience some of these traditions for yourself, go ahead and find out which ones you are interested in and then find the closest one to you. However, if you really want to enjoy some of the best traditions, then you might need to travel to enjoy them, but that is possible with the extra long holiday that is loved by all. This would be something that would be enjoyable, especially if you are traveling with family or friends, so go ahead and enjoy the various traditions in your area!  If you don’t want to, or can’t afford to, travel, then you can find plenty of great events that you can enjoy nearby, so don’t miss out!