Get a November 2016 Calendar with holidays and you will see quite a few important events or festival falling on several days of the month.

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    1All Saints’ Day (Christian)Bhai Dooj (Hindu) 2All Souls’ Day (Christian)Arrival of Indentured (Mauritius) 3Independence of Cuenca (Ecuador)Culture Day (Japan)Separation Day (Panama) 4Flag Day (Panama)Day of Unity (Russia) 5Colon Day (Panama)Guy Fawkes Night (United Kingdom – regional)
6Chhath Puja (Hindu)Constitution Day (Dominican Republic)Green March Day (Morocco) 7October Revolution Day (Belarus)Constitution Day (Tonga) 8 9Flag Day (Azerbaijan)Independence Day (Cambodia)Birthday of Muhammad Iqbal (Pakistan) 10Los Santos Uprising Day (Panama) 11Christchurch Show Day (New Zealand – regional)Independence Day (Poland)Veterans Day (USA) 12
13Fathers Day (Estonia)Full Moon of Tazaungmone (Myanmar)Remembrance Sunday (United Kingdom) 14Kartik Poornima (Hindu)Guru Nanak Birthday (Sikh)Ill Full Moon Poya (Sri Lanka) 15Kings Feast (Belgium)Republic Day (Brazil) 16 17Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day (Czech Republic)Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day (Slovakia) 18Latvian National day (Latvia)Independence Day (Morocco)National Day (Oman) 19Sultan’s Birthday (Oman)
20Christ the King (Christian)Zumbi dos Palmares (Brazil) 21Revolution Day (Mexico)Dignity and Freedom Day (Ukraine) 22Lebanon: Independence Day 23 24Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib (Sikh)Thanksgiving (USA) 25Statehood Day (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina) (Bosnia and Herzegovina – regional) 26
27Advent – first Sunday (Christian)Mothers Day (Russia) 28Day of National Sovereignty (Argentina)Independence Day (Panama) 29Liberation Day (Albania) 30St. Andrew’s Day (Christian)Independence Day (Barbados)Bonifacio Day (Philippines)      


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November 2016 Holidays

Nov 01
All Saints’ Day (Christian)
Bhai Dooj (Hindu)

Nov 02
All Souls’ Day (Christian)
Arrival of Indentured (Mauritius)

Nov 03
Independence of Cuenca (Ecuador)
Culture Day (Japan)
Separation Day (Panama)

Nov 04
Flag Day (Panama)
Day of Unity (Russia)
Nov 05
Colon Day (Panama)
Guy Fawkes Night (United Kingdom - regional)
Nov 06
Chhath Puja (Hindu)
Constitution Day (Dominican Republic)
Green March Day (Morocco)
Nov 07
October Revolution Day (Belarus)
Constitution Day (Tonga)
Nov 09
Flag Day (Azerbaijan)
Independence Day (Cambodia)
Birthday of Muhammad Iqbal (Pakistan)
Nov 10
Los Santos Uprising Day (Panama)
Nov 11
Christchurch Show Day (New Zealand - regional)
Independence Day (Poland)
Veterans Day (USA)
Nov 13
Fathers Day (Estonia)
Full Moon of Tazaungmone (Myanmar)
Remembrance Sunday (United Kingdom)
Nov 14
Kartik Poornima (Hindu)
Guru Nanak Birthday (Sikh)
Ill Full Moon Poya (Sri Lanka)
Nov 15
Kings Feast (Belgium)
Republic Day (Brazil)
Nov 17
Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day (Czech Republic)
Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day (Slovakia)
Nov 18
Latvian National day (Latvia)
Independence Day (Morocco)
Nov 19
Sultan's Birthday (Oman)
Nov 20
Christ the King (Christian)
Zumbi dos Palmares (Brazil)
Nov 21
Revolution Day (Mexico)
Dignity and Freedom Day (Ukraine)
Nov 22
Independence Day (Lebanon)
Nov 24
Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib (Sikh)
Thanksgiving (USA)
Nov 25
Statehood Day (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina) (Bosnia and Herzegovina - regional)
Nov 27
Advent - first Sunday (Christian)
Mothers Day (Russia)
Nov 28
Day of National Sovereignty (Argentina)
Independence Day (Panama)
Nov 29
Liberation Day (Albania)
Nov 30
St. Andrew's Day (Christian)
Independence Day (Barbados)