This will be a tricky year for the Piscean born when it comes to their career and there will be nothing that will be able to stop you from being successful during this time, but nothing will come simply. You will need to put in some hard work to get what or where you want to be and you will also need to put your charming nature into play.

Make sure to have a good relationship with your peers and superiors, but be aware of them at the same time. Those students that have undertaken their exams will end up with good results in the end. This is the best year to make any changes to your career or job, but it isn’t a good year to create any partnerships.

If you want to start a business, go ahead and get it going, but do it alone and your instincts will be there to guide you. Also, you will get the pivotal support that you need from your family as well as comfort and suggestions when required.

Planetary Positions:

Planet Jupiter will reside in the twelfth house and this will ensure that you have plenty of faith in what will happen and compassion in regards to what you do. This means you will also be generous those that work under you, but most likely this won’t be given back in return. This is due to the influence of Ketu and Rahu and they are known to cast a fog no matter where they go and this will manifest through jealousy radiating from your coworkers and colleagues. They will try to cut you down in front of your superiors, but you need to be extremely careful. Don’t share any of your blue prints for your projects or plans with your peers. Keep a organized and detailed record, so that you can use it to show your contribution and get the deserved credit for the work that you have completed as your coworkers might try to steal your spotlight.

Favored Professions:

Legal Profession, Food and Hospitality Industry, Politics.

You should forge forward on the path that you have planned for yourself without being afraid, but if you have a problem make sure to not ask your peers for any advice since they might mislead you. Instead, get your ideas and inspiration from some of the atypical places, including your family. Make sure to explain and connect with them and they might give you some of the best advice that you can use to further your professional career. You have the best instincts as a Piscean, so make sure to use them this year as you will get some of great projects during the year. Be careful to ensure that nothing will stop you from completing your work. Keep your approach secretive as well as diplomatic and work by yourself as an easier way to achieve your goals.

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