Pisces born natives are not known for their robust built. They are often known to succumb to ailments pretty easily. However, the good news is that the year 2016 would not pose any threat to the health of the Pisces born natives.


However there would be bouts of illnesses that would make you feel under the weather for a period of time. Fortunately you need not worry too much regarding this, since most of the ailments would be minor distractions only, and would be easily cured with moderate lifestyle modifications.

The middle of the year may prove to be a little tough for you in terms of health – common but bothersome ailments like viral infections, stomach flu, migraine or sinusitis. If you do not take care of your health properly you may suffer from general weakness, low pressure or even anemic tendencies. The other thing you need to keep in mind is that you should maintain your emotional well being too.

As a Pisces born native you are a very emotional person, and you expect everything in life to be perfect and according to the standards you set – any deviation makes you feel extremely upset, to a point that it can affect your health negatively. This is something that you should control. Also it is suggested that you do not ignore any problem and make it go beyond control. Taking professional medical help would not only give you early relief, but also prevent the ailment from flaring.

Planetary Positions:

Planet Saturn would take the center stage to influence the health sector of the Pisces born natives. This means that the natives would remain safe from any major ailment. However, they would have to face some problems related to the respiratory or the digestive system. We all know that Planet Saturn is responsible for Karma of an individual. As such, if you do what is right, Planet Saturn would take care of the rest.

Diet Suggestions:

This is a year when Pisces born natives should design a diet for themselves that would help them to ward off general weakness along with the probable anemic tendencies. As such it would be best if you could boost the intake of protein rich food items. You can easily find high quantity of protein in legumes and meats. But speaking of meats, you should restrict the intake of red meat and instead get the required amount from lean meats. Legumes would also give you a supply of irons alongside. Beans like kidney or Lima, soya nuggets, tofu, and molasses are also known to have high iron content. There should be adequate intake of fluids so that your body does not retain water and you do not feel bloated. It is also recommended that you avoid addictions like smoking and drinking, for these often lower the immunity of your body.

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