2024, the year will prove to be a mixed bag when it comes to health for the natives born under the sign of Pisces. The natives born under the Pisces sign needs to be very careful and cautious about their health. In this year, they should also take care that they do not get burnt out due to extra stress and fatigue.

However on the other hand, the Pisces born natives will be very energetic and will be absolutely focused in getting things done.

These people could also encounter minor irritation regarding digestion, liver problems and other trivial but irritating health issues. Those born under the Pisces sign should be careful about your health till 11th of August, 2024.

Planetary Positions
Neptune will govern the twelfth house of the Pisces born natives throughout the year of 2024 and as a result of which these people will be more physically sensitive this year. You should be open to alternative therapies as there could be a delay and a tendency of ignoring whatever is ailing you.

Be extra careful if there is even a trivial discomfort relating to hair, skin, nail or gall bladder.
Mars goes retrograde in the twelfth house of the Pisces thereby making the nervous system stretched. It is advisable not to get hyper and stressed and to maintain peace and calm. Because of the positioning of Mars, there could be certain accidents too in this year.

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When Neptune goes retrograde from May till October, there could be a certain amount of fear factor pervading those born under the Pisces sign regarding health.

The areas of the nervous system, feet, medulla, lymph etc will be some of the areas which will be very fragile at this juncture.

In September when Venus goes retrograde, it is advisable to stay away from all kinds of drugs or addictive things and it is also advisable to be extra cautious about kidneys and female genital areas. By the end of November there could be certain signs of nervous breakdown and you will be greatly advised not to ignore it and seek immediate help as this could lead to greater ailment.

There could also be certain health scares regarding hernia, bronchitis, jaundice or liver related complaints till the eleventh of august particularly. As mentioned earlier the Pisces born natives will start a lot of alternate therapy this year and will also benefit from them. try massage therapies, chiro-practices, Reiki and other practices too. It would be a great idea if you can join a gym, gets into a new lifestyle or a have a diet plan set up and also look into holistic treatments rather than the traditional ones.

Diet Suggestions
It is advisable to the natives born of the Pisces to stay away from alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and all kinds of fattening foods. They should concentrate on eating healthy or organically grown food.