Pisces are undoubtedly the most mystic signs of the zodiac. They are romantic and are dreamy; plus they somehow epitomize a little bit of all the qualities of all the erstwhile signs of the zodiac.


They are some of the best lovers or the best parents. As the natives born under this sign are the best nurturers and parental figures.

Pisces can be absolutely loving, supremely loyal and terribly caring. in fact these traits are so much in them that they are sometimes considered to be the best lovers in the entire zodiac. They do show their vicious side too, when wronged or sadly jilted in love.

Positions of Planets and Stars
There will be certain marked differences and improvements in your love and marriage this year, despite the fact that your 7th house of love and marriage is not in a very active stage this year. If you manage to turn yourself a little less stand- offish and a little less aloof, then the romantic prospects will definitely increase and brighten.

Saturn moves onto your 7th House and immediately makes you friendly and seems less formidable. Because since the last two years, you have appeared to have been extremely cold and aloof, your companion is surprised at your change, and a pleasant period ensues post April.

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Horoscope Compatibility
2017 – New Year


This will be a period when people of the opposite sex will be more attracted to you because of the subtle change in your behavior.

The lucky months t express your feeling to your prospective love interest will be March and June. Those who are in a committed relationship will see themselves may take the decision of marriage in this year.

However there could be the pressure of profession in your relationship, and there could be occasions when you may have to cancel some time out together with your partner. However, with your deep and dark romantic nature you are most certain to win him or her back. This kind of a situation is more foreseen in the months of February and September. Those who are looking at third marriage may do so this year. This romance will be slow and will take time to build up. Love will be very intense and passionate this year.

Astrological Compatibility and Incompatibility
Since the year 2017 sees the natives born under the sign of Pisces undergoing a change in their own approach, there will also be a change in their romantic approach. They will become less formidable and more approachable in their demeanor and that will encourage their love interests to express their feelings further. Since it is a year of changes, it will be good if one can compare the compatibility charts with the other zodiac signs. There are some signs which are at loggerhead with Pisces and then there are some which will create magic together.

Compatible Sun Signs for Pisces in 2017 – Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer and Capricorn
Incompatible Sun Signs for Pisces in 2017– Sagittarius and Gemini