• January – Considerable rise in income is on the cards. Going out to make new acquaintances will reap good results in the future. Bonding with family will gift happy times.



    • February – Be ready to enjoy life and its little pleasures as Lady Luck favors with good times. Impulsive splurges should be controlled.


    • March – Being too competitive at work may make eyes turn and generate lack of cooperation from colleagues.


    • April – Too much of action and too many people will cause immense preoccupation. Trust people only after judging them with care and caution. A feeling of lethargy may bother at times. It is best to take a break time and again, and not get overstressed.


    • May – A sudden financial gain may come as a surprise. A good month in general as far as work and finances are concerned. Avoid being too critical and judgmental about people. A short trip with family or friends will help to de-stress.


    • June – This month would bring renewed energy, vigor and high spirits. This positivity will help to promote your contribution at work as your superiors start appreciating and noticing the efforts put in. A good time to get a new home, car or making an investment.



    • July – This month, your balancing capacity will be put to test as both personal and professional front will be highly demanding. Health issues and children may cause further concern. Plan one day at a time. Yoga and meditation may help to keep a cool head.


    • August – Situation at work improves drastically with support from colleagues and appreciation from superiors. A good time to sort out any conflict or argument amicably. Travel may bring inflow of cash. Speak out your mind with caution at home to avoid hurting feelings.


    • September – A steady rise in work conditions will continue if opposition to ideas can be dealt with diplomatically. It is best to avoid aggression and argument. This applies to friends and family too. Spending time with spouse or partner will help to relax.


    • October – Focus on teamwork – be it at work or in relationship with partner. Listen to others too so that they pay attention to your wants and desires. Taking care of health will prevent minor issues from flaring up. Make commitment only when absolutely sure.


    • November – A dip in stamina and a tendency to brood will make the world seem gloomy. Try not to let this reflect on your attitude towards others. Maintaining a low profile will help to stay away from trouble and tension. Try to find solace in company of loved ones.


    • December – This is the time of the year when you shall be busy making plans already for the upcoming New Year. Pisces born natives are known for their capability to daydream, and you shall indulge in it during this time of the year. Remember, your dreams would come true only when you execute them rationally.


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