2016 will be all about properly planning and managing your work time smartly for those who are born under Sagittarius. Opportunities will come to you in the forms of new ventures and expansion of your business along with meeting important people who can help to give your career the boost it needs.

This will also bring along with it new and exciting opportunities and this is the most auspicious time for new beginnings and even more so for making the required positive changes. Make sure to take a hold of all the various opportunities that are offered to you.

During the final quarter of 2016, make sure that you are ready to travel internationally so that you can take the expansions further. You will also benefit from foreign parties, but make sure to communicate in a transparent manner and go with your instincts and believe in your skills. Your fund flow will be going smooth and students who have finished their education will find it easy to get a job they love.

Planetary Positions:

During the first part of the year the tenth house will be taken over by Planet Saturn, which is all about commitment and hard work. You can expect to get the appropriate returns for the hard work that you complete and this is the perfect timing to impress your seniors or business partners with your creative ideas, get new deals and even start up your own business.

Planet Jupiter will take over during the second part of the year and reside in the sixth house and that will ensure that you are successful in anything that you undertake. This includes the students who have taken their competitive tests and they will get the results they want or they will have their dream fulfilled, if they have been hoping for international based jobs or education opportunities. You will also be travelling for business during this time and you will be able to forge connections with important people in your career field.

Favored Professions:

Finance and Banking, Legal profession, Self Employment.

The best asset for a Sagittarius is the ability to think and subsequently analyze and this year you will be able to use those plenty. You will be blessed to have endurance, determination and perseverance in a manner that will help smooth the path to success and allow you to enjoy it. You will be supported by the superiors at your office along with some important people in the field. However, make sure to be on the watch for your juniors or peers since envy might be in the air and they might come together to conspire ways to hurt you. Make sure that you are ensuring that you are getting the required credit for your work and keep records with the details regarding your work and use them when required to get the upper hand.

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