Sagittarius Financial Horoscope 2016 is a year of successful endeavors bringing you good amount of money. However this naturally does not mean that you shall give in to temptations to make money at any cost.

Your intelligence, hard work and good fortune would be enough to bring you good financial fortune. However, you should also keep in mind that alertness would play a key role for you shall be required to grab the right opportunity at the right time so that you can turn it into a lucrative venture.

Planetary Positions:

The natal chart of the Scorpio born natives would show a very positive pattern in terms of money in the beginning of the year, and as such the year would start off with you making hefty gains in the financial sector. This is because during the first half of the year, the eighth house of your horoscope, which is the one that is responsible for the monetary gains or losses, would be ruled by two celestial bodies that are very strong and also extremely positive. One of them is the Sun, and the other one is the Planet Jupiter.

Both of them bring good fortune – naturally this is the time when you shall make money without much ado. However, the trend changes in the last trimester of the year when these celestial bodies give way to Planet Pluto who now settles in the financial sector. This is the time when you should look before you leap – this is also the time when you should tighten your purse strings, and also research well before you invest in anything.

Professions that may bring you more money:

A Sagittarius born native does not work for money. In fact you are someone who works for the sheer pleasure of it, because you are interested in it. No amount of provocation – whether or name or fame or money – can lure you to work more than you usually would. If you choose a profession or even a job it is because you believe in it from the bottom of your heart. Your gentle and noble soul makes you a popular coworker, and people like working with you, thereby making you a great team leader. You are a helpful person which makes you a great team player as well. Your knowledge is deep and your intelligence is profound, along with that you have the support of your peers – naturally you are instrumental in churning out positive outcomes from any endeavor that you undertake. However, you are not someone who is open to much experimentation. You respect what the seniors taught you, and usually do not like to deviate from the route that is well traversed. The professions that would bring you monetary gains in this year are engineering, computer related jobs, banking and finance, hospitality industry, travel industry, public welfare or administration.

Financial Horoscope 2016

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